Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Police Chief Gordon Eden said on the stand yesterday in a court appearance that he had not read the incident reports regarding the gunning down of a homeless man in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains last year.  Did anyone take note of this?  Can it really be true that he has not read these reports of one of the most infamous police killings in the history of the City of Albuquerque?

Would not any leader of a police department be interested in studying these reports?  Is he that much of a failed leader?  How can the Mayor and City Council not demand his immediate resignation, or are they failed leaders too?  I am beginning to think they are.  Berry should fire him, or he should resign.  It would be best all around.

And then there is Governor Susana Martinez.  She is possibly a worse person than that lion killing dentist who is commanding the airwaves and newspapers, and she is getting away with it.  Under her guidance the Game and Fish Commission has approved the highly inhumane trapping of mountain lions in this state.

 This alone shows her lack of common sense and decency when it comes to the wildlife of New Mexico.  These traps inflict an excruciating death upon these indigenous creatures.  When will she get the attention she deserves for being inhumane.  A very poor leader indeed.  She is actually the one being lead around, by the cowboys and big game killing for profit crowd.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Photo Ops

Someone set off explosive devices in containers near a couple of churches in Las Cruces, and the Governor runs down there for a photo op.  This may or may not be a criminal act.  Exploded mailboxes and trashcans.  There wasn't even any damage to show in the paper, but for a few photos of people praying.  But the Governor is never one to shun spreading the fear, because that is how she and the GOP hope to stay in power.  Make every little thing into a big thing and scare the crap out of the wandering public.  And the media is right there filling up their ravenous search for the paranoia inducing stories.

Here is an idea for the Governor.  Visit a colonias on the outskirts of Albuquerque to see how the poor live and try to scratch out an existence.  That is a thousandfold times more important than exploded mail boxes.  That  is where the real fear exists.  But, for you to visit that place would be to admit that not all is well under your leadership and nonexistent economic policy.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

State of Nasty

The Susana Martinez administration continues its state of nasty p.r.  Case in point is the Taxation and Revenue spokesman, Ben Cloutier, who said in an official statement that a 'left wing blogger' had identified a taxpayer who is alleged by the State Auditor to have been given special treatment by the TRD Secretary Demisia Padilla.  That taxpayer was a former client of Secretary Padilla's accounting firm.  The so called blogger is a well respected news blog that digs deeper than the shallow minded news media in this state.

The fact that Cloutier is spewing such epithets from an official state government organization is evidence that all government decor has gone off the rails under this hateful administration.  In my day as a flack for Governor King or Mayor Harry Kinney, such things were just not allowed.  We might have said, "it is regrettable that this information was made known and we will make sure we tighten up our security so that taxpayer confidentiality is protected as the law envisions."

No where in here did Cloutier admit that the documents  that  were redacted with the taxpayer's name and business could be easily read with a simple program run by a third grader.  But maybe Cloutier is only in the first grade, intellectually that  is.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


I am in Salt Lake City for a meeting of the southern Utah wilderness alliance board. They have a real morning newspaper hear that covers the news. They use journalism here rather than dogma in the Salt Lake City Tribune. It is very refreshing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It is Complete

The meltdown of American Broadcast Journalism is complete. Big things are happening in the world, but CBS and NBS nightly news led with stories about deflated footballs and a crazed midwestern dentist killing a beloved lion in Africa with a crossbow.  That was the diet of pablum fed to the American public last night.  Oh, and I shouldn't forget more 'stories' about Donald Trump.  Edward R. Murrow, if he were still alive, would probably just shoot himself.  The more I see of these bloated and self important anchors on national news, the more I despair.

On the local level we got to hear the 911 call from a girl trying to save her shot dying boyfriend.  Of course we got to hear it for the tenth time, and then an interview with her.  I think it was a good story from the standpoint of a 911 operator who just wigged out!  But this will be a story that will be around for weeks, unless another good 911 audio clip becomes available.  Security cams and audio clips....easy work for our local ego driven anchors and journalists.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Earth Moved

It happened.  The Albuquerque Journal used Mayor Berry's name in an editorial that was critical of his refusal to released results of a study into vicious dogs being adopted out at the Animal Control Department.  Perhaps we all shifted into a parallel universe.  Actually, one thing the Journal does is pursue open government and even Berry and the Governor can't get away with trying to cover up information that the public has a right to see.

That Santa Fe County Republican Party Treasurer was ousted from his position for publicly whacking a Donald Trump piƱata.  There must be some real Trump fans in the party there with deep pockets that fund the party, otherwise this ill timed banishment probably would not have happened.  PR wise it was a stupid thing for them to do, so money must be the motive.  

Monday, July 27, 2015


This graphic was put together a couple of months ago.  As of today the number killed by American police is up to 663 for the year.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Even More Irony

The Albuquerque Journal had a really good story this morning skewering people who think we should deny the history of the Confederacy in their foray into New Mexico.  I thought it was right on the mark.  Reporter Ollie Reed, a real journalist, did a great job in writing this article.

Now, if only someone would do a story about how the Albuquerque Journal Editor tries to deny history on a daily basis by protecting republican public officer holders.  Talk about irony!  This Editor, Kent Walz, keeps the name of Mayor Richard Berry out of every negative story where  his name should be up front for questionable decision making and leadership.  Think the Albuquerque Police Department here.

And when it comes to our right wing Governor Susana Martinez, the Journal not only sits on using real journalism to uncover the abysmal lack of economic plans for the state, they go out of their way to show her in classrooms reading to kids every chance they get, as if she really cared about something other than her plans for a role in national republican party politics.

It is laughable really.  

Friday, July 24, 2015

On the Map

I just returned from a meeting in Martha's Vineyard, MA.  The weather was beautiful, the meetings productive, and listening to questions about the Albuquerque Police Department kept me busy.  It  seems our Duke City is on the map.

No one asked about our economy, or weather, on general well being.  They just wanted to know about the shootings and whether articles in the eastern press were accurate.  People back there are paying attention and maybe that is why the malaise in job creation exists here.  Some of the folks from Colorado who get New Mexico news stations said the broadcasts make Albuquerque look like ISIS has a branch here.  Except for the occasional lost dog story spewing forth from our toothy reporters on the local news, every story is about the crime blotter from law enforcement agencies.

No wonder we are just a way point for Santa Fe.  As they say, you can't buy this kind of publicity.  And the Mayor and Governor still have no plan other than sophomoric remarks about people who disagree with them.