Thursday, January 19, 2017


KRQE has been bought up by another giant media corporation that owns 170 TV stations.  I can remember the days when we had something called the fairness doctrine in broadcasting.  That was done in by right wingers years ago who now favor indoctrination.  Think Fox News here.

The general manager at the station says this will allow them an enhanced news gathering effort.  I didn't think they could be any more inane.  I watched in disbelief the other night as they did a story on a lost jacket with a name inked on the collar.  They  tried to make a story out of  this!  This really happened.

What this all really means is that they will hire an extra employee to run around law enforcement agencies to pick up lapel camera video.  That one guy will replace professional photographers who used to document the news on video that was watchable.


• By John Pavlovitz
• In a land where the states are united, they claim,
• in a sky-scraping tower adorned with his name,
• lived a terrible, horrible, devious chump,
• the bright orange miscreant known as the Trump.
• This Trump he was mean, such a mean little man,
• with the tiniest heart and two tinier hands,
• and a thin set of lips etched in permanent curl,
• and a sneer and a scowl and contempt for the world.
• He looked down from his perch and he grinned ear to ear,
• and he thought, “I could steal the election this year!
• It’d be rather simple, it’s so easily won,
• I’ll just make them believe that their best days are done!
• Yes, I’ll make them believe that it’s all gone to Hell,
• and I’ll be Jerk Messiah and their souls they will sell.
• And I’ll use lots of words disconnected from truth,
• but I’ll say them with style so they won’t ask for proof.
• I’ll toss out random platitudes, phrases, and such,
• They’re so raised on fake news that it won’t matter much!
• They won’t question the how to, the what, why, or when,
• I will make their America great once again!”
• The Trump told them to fear, they should fear he would say,
• “They’ve all come for your jobs, they’ll all take them away.
• You should fear every Muslim and Mexican too,
• every brown, black, and tan one, everyone who votes blue.”
• And he fooled all the Christians, he fooled them indeed,
• He just trotted out Jesus, that’s all Jesus folk need. 
• And celebrity preachers they all crowned him as king,
• Tripping over themselves just to kiss the Trump’s ring.
• And he spoke only lies just as if they were true,
• Until they believed all of those lies were true too.
• He repeated and Tweeted and he blustered and spit,
• And he mislead and fibbed—and he just made up sh*t.
• And the media laughed but they printed each line,
• thinking “He’ll never will win, in the end we’ll be fine.”
• So they chased every headline, bold typed every claim,
• ‘Till the fake news and real news they looked just the same.
• And the scared folk who listened, they devoured each word,
• Yes, they ate it all up every word that they heard,
• petrified that their freedom was under attack,
• trusting Trump he would take their America back.
• From the gays and from ISIS, he’d take it all back,
• Take it back from the Democrats, fat cats, and blacks.
• And so hook, line, and sinker they all took the bait,
• all his lies about making America great.
• Now the Pant-suited One she was smart and prepared,
• she was brilliant and steady but none of them cared,
• no they cared not to see all the work that she’d done,
• or the fact they the Trump had not yet done thing one.
• They could only shout “Emails!”, yes “Emails!” they’d shout,
• because Fox News had told them—and Fox News had clout. 
• And the Pant-suited One she was slandered no end,
• and a lie became truth she could never defend.
• And the Trump watched it all go according to plan—
• a strong woman eclipsed by an insecure man.
• And November the 8th arrived, finally it came,
• like a slow-moving storm but it came just the same.
• And Tuesday became Wednesday as those days will do,
• And the night turned to morning and the nightmare came true,
• With millions of non-voters still in their beds,
• Yes, the Trump he had done it, just like he had said.
• And the Trumpers they trumped, how they trumped when he won,
• All the racists and bigots; deplorable ones,
• they crawled out from the woodwork, came out to raise Hell, 
• they came out to be hateful and hurtful as well.
• With slurs and with road signs, with spray paint and Tweets,
• with death threats to neighbors and taunts on the street. 
• And the grossest of grossness they hurled on their peers,
• while the Trump he said zilch—for the first time in years.
• But he Tweeted at Hamilton, he Tweeted the Times,
• And he trolled Alec Baldwin a few hundred times,
• and he pouted a pout like a petulant kid,
• thinking this is what Presidents actually did,
• thinking he could still be a perpetual jerk,
• terrified to learn he had to actually work,
• work for every American, not just for a few,
• not just for the white ones—there was much more to do.
• He now worked for the Muslims and Mexicans too,
• for the brown, black, and tan ones, and the ones who vote blue.
• They were all now his bosses, now they all had a say,
• and those nasty pant-suited ones were here to stay.
• And the Trump he soon realized that he didn’t win,
• He had gotten the thing—and the thing now had him.
• And it turned out the Trump was a little too late,
• for America was already more than quite great,
• not because of the sameness, the opposite’s true, 
• It’s greatness far more than just red, white, and blue,
• It’s straight, gay, and female—it’s Gentile and Jew,
• It’s Transgender and Christian and Atheist too.
• It’s Asians, Caucasians of every kind,
• The disabled and abled, the deaf and the blind,
• It’s immigrants, Muslims, and brave refugees,
• It’s Liberals with bleeding hearts fixed to their sleeves.
• And we are all staying, we’re staying right here,
• and we’ll be the great bane of the Trump for four years.
• And we’ll be twice as loud as the loudness of hate,
• be the greatness that makes our America great.
• And the Trump’s loudest boasts they won’t ever obscure,
• over two million more of us—voted for her.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Every politician screws up at some point.  Every single one of them.  Senator Martin Heinrich sure did on that Big Pharma vote which would have lowered prices for meds ordered from Canada.  He said he voted like that because of safety concerns.  Weak.  Those drugs coming in from Canada are often the same ones you buy here in the USA.  So that is a silly argument.  And he did gather in 150K from those folks for his next campaign.

But, unlike some of the extreme left wing professionals I know, that one disastrous vote should not determine Martin's future.  Think about his brave stands on women's rights, environmental protection, fair minimum wages and about a thousand other things I can think of.

No pol is perfect, and neither is Martin.  He screwed up this one vote completely and gave lip service to the reasons for doing so.  But, he is the kind of person we need as a Senator right now given  the disaster about to befall our nation on Friday.

Bobbi and I will be sending him a lot of money this year for reelection.  And we will urge him incessantly to separate himself from those greedy bastards who are Big Pharma.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Loss for Words

The oil, gas, mining and cow industry took out a full two page ad in the Journal today.  This is normal pre-legislative session propaganda in which they take credit for paying so many taxes and so "you should be nice to us."  The oil guys often lump royalties into their tax category, when in fact it is payment for oil and gas owned by the public or the State Land Office.

But, I am at a loss for words today.  They actually state that since New Mexico's education system is 'spotty', that we should depend on low skill jobs to keep us going.  Of course they want less regulation and government responsibility for the public health safety and welfare.  So, give them bigger profits and they will hire into their boom and bust industry, which by the way is destroying the planet.

I could not believe I read this.  These guys are like the plantation owners of the past who would probably enslave these workers if given the opportunity.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Steve Pearce

Congressman Steve Pearce is an immoral man.  He has a nice health insurance package unlike the millions of people he just hosed.  He has just voted to deep six the health insurance of a quarter of a million of New Mexicans.  He is a one man death panel committee for the state.

Is there no one in the media who will ask him to explain himself?  No one?  Oh, they would but they are spending to much time down at the local police department waiting for the latest lapel camera video of drunks and gangers.  Do the TV  stations even have photographers anymore?

But, I digress.  Seriously, how does Pearce and his ilk think this is going to play out?  After the first few children of poverty die for lack of healthcare, do they think the family is just going to forget about it?  Or will they show up someday seeking an eye for an eye?   It is coming.  Just wait and see.

Friday, January 13, 2017

LL Bean

So people are bailing out as customers of LL Bean because some of their owners are big trump donors.  When I saw this I thought it was silly and harmful to the employees of that company.  I have been a long time customer of theirs.

But I have changed my mind.  This morning I pick up the newspaper and see that the candidates running for Mayor of Albuquerque have already gathered huge sums for their campaigns and we don't even get to find out who the donors are until next July.  Except for hopefuls like Tim Keller who will take public financing.  The other candidates are probably taking money from the likes of LL Bean owners, and we don't get to know for six months.

By staying a customer of LL Bean I am aiding and abetting this kind of behavior.  Corporate America running everything through their profits.  And so I will look for a clothing supplier other than LL Bean from now on, even if it is more expensive.  I apologize to the employees of LL Bean, most of them in China I suppose, but many in the USA too.  But  you work for people who are endangering our democracy by sending their profits to rightwing and pliable candidates.

It might seem like a silly effort on my part.  But I will at least feel better about it all.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Okay, the hipsters have a candidate for Mayor of Albuquerque.  State Auditor Tim Keller, a strong contender, threw in his hat yesterday.  His news release had the term 'burquenos' in it.  Bleaahhh.   And he seemed to say his priority was reforming the Albuquerque Police Department.  I hope that might be a 2nd level priority, because any candidate who goes crime all the time is missing the real issue in this election.  That would be steaming up the jobs so at least a few young people remain in the region.  I like Tim, but he will have to do better than this to win.  I think he has it in him.

We sent and saw a great movie last night.  "Hidden Figures" is about African American women who used their incredible math skills at NASA to launch America into space.  All done amidst racism.  All I could think about was  the fact that we will have trump as president in the next few days.  And we know how he has set the tone for Mexican Americans.  It is damn depressing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


President Obama's farewell speech last night is one for the ages.  What a class act.  I am beginning to panic at the thought of trump in the Oval Office.  Today trump twittered 'are we living in Nazi Germany'.  No, not until nine days from now.

Susana Martinez once again stuck it to the working folks and has decided that their money will pay for her disastrous handling of state government and the economy while she continues tax relief for the very rich and corporate America.  She will start her pogrom on state employees by giving them take home pay cuts.  You know, the guys who fix the highways, provide police protection, and look after the public health, safety and welfare.

Honestly, I can not think of a worse Governor in my lifetime, and that includes Gary Johnson.  I hope for a presidential appointment for her to get her the hell out of the Land of Enchantment.  They she can wind up with the rest of the lunatics in the trump administration.

They are lining up en masse to run for Mayor in Albuquerque.  It reminds me of the first time I ran for Mayor back in 1985 when we had 14 candidates.  Chaos and one liners mostly during the campaign back then.  Now it seems the same will happen.  We could well end up electing a Mayor who seemingly has no concrete plan for steaming up our economy because he wont be able to get the word out  to the public due to time constraints and a lack of decent journalism.  Oh!  Woe!

And if you were a fan of HBO's "Westworld", read this.

Monday, January 09, 2017


More candidates for Mayor are popping up.  City Councillor Dan Lewis and a retired cop, Michelle Garcia Holmes, announced on Sunday.  I would give Holmes a thumbs up because at least she got specific on some things she would attempt to do.  It seems Lewis fell back on the crime issue, fear and loathing in the Duke City.  A poor start.  I expected more from him.

I recently had an email from Brian Colon who will be entering the race asking me to attend his party.  I emailed back and asked him what he specifically had in mind for moving our city forward.  His only response was to come by and listen to him.  Weak.

I have a feeling that the person who might be Mayor hasn't announced yet, or even announced they are thinking about it.  It will be a pretty crazy campaign year for Albuquerque.  I will be looking for someone with specific goals and mileposts they want to achieve.  I am not looking for some one who is interested in 'being there.'

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Campaign Money

Our supposed Democratic and Justice loving Congressional folks, Michelle Grisham Lujan and Ben Ray Lujan, voted to condemn the UN Resolution that criticizes Israel's settlement policies.  The injustices against the Palestinian people just keep rolling along and it is encouraged by our Representatives.  (Pearce too.)

So, why would Michelle and Ben do this?  Simple. Campaign donations from the pro Israeli lobby.  They have lots of money and are willing to spread it around.  Money trumps justice again.

No, I am not anti semetic and I support Israels existence.  I just don't support their xenophobia against the Palestinians any more than  I support the Islamic crazies that want to eradicate that Jewish state.

Michelle and Ben joined one of the tribes.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Profane Truth

Poli Sci 101

Again the Legislature will fight over tapping the state's 15 billion dollar permanent fund.  It is that high because I raised the oil and gas royalty rates in the 80's when I was Land Commissioner.  It hasn't been raised or altered since.

But, I digress.  This money is seen by the rightwing anti taxers as a way of not having to pay their fair share in funding education.  Don't forget that the Permanent Fund is made up of money paid for extracting publicly owned oil and gas on state lands.  It is payment for a resource.  It is not a tax.  But the longer the Permanent Fund remains fat, then taxes don't have to be raised in the future to pay  the cost of educating our kids.  So, now the rightwing GOP legislators and some cowardly Democrats who take money from the oil and gas boys don't want any extra money taken out to help with our 'rainy day' budget.  That was caused in great part by the tax cuts of Bill Richardson and Susana Martinez.  But during big Bill's reign there was effort made at improving our economic condition, unlike Susana's total failure to do anything.

I think there is nothing wrong with taking some extra money out of the fund.  Put a sunset clause of 5 years and revisit the situation then.