Monday, November 30, 2015

Non Ignorant Candidates Needed

I read in Joe Monahan's blog that  a Mayoral hopeful says the state of NM movers
and shakers need to grow the economy here to offset falling spending by the federal government and defense complex. Actually, the potential candidate has it all wrong.  We should be moving to improve the private sector to offset a dying fossil fuel industry.  Yes I mean oil, gas and coal.

Government spending will always be a part  of NM.  It is in less danger of a meltdown  than anything.  But as the global meeting on climate change progresses in Paris, the hand writing is on the wall for the dirty energy sector.  Not tomorrow, or ten years, but certainly in our lifetimes that industry will mostly go the way of sailing ships, buggy whips, and VCRs.  And so why blame government spending for being the bogey man on our future economic outlook?  Because somebody  has really not thought things through.  And if they want the support of intelligent voters, they better start  thinking harder.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Twins

Alex and Kate get a twofer bath. Well worth weathering a snow storm to spend time with them. Back on icy roads on Saturday.

Monday, November 23, 2015


Good movies we have seen recently concern Journalism.  "Spotlight" should be viewed by all current day journalists.  They should ask themselves, "Do I Measure UP?"   Well, they probably could if their corporate news editors/directors would let them.  Well, maybe not so much today's TV journalists.  It would be hard to wean themselves off of regurgitating the daily crime blotter, and then moving on to the sex story and lost puppy feature.  But they could try harder.


Another enraging story of a criminal getting out of jail and being arrested for the second time in three days as he tries to feed his drug habit.  People are screaming for something to be done, including killing such people with a reinstated death penalty.  It would just be easier to legalize all drugs, but of course anyone in the criminal justice game would oppose legalization since that would cost them jobs and money.  And so we stay in this ridiculous vicious circle. And this war on drugs will never, ever work.  Especially when the police department  in Albuquerque is so understaffed that evidence can't be gathered to keep these guys off the street.

I got a fund raising letter from State Auditor Tim Keller.  It is his 38th birthday.  I would send him some money because I like him, but the fundraising letter doesn't say what the donation is required for.  Is he running for reelection?  Or another office?  When he tells me I will send money.

The Santa Fe New Mexican, a real newspaper, has a great piece on the State's shrinking population.  Another indictment of our GOP Queen for a Day Susana Martinez.  While she runs around the country, our best and brightest are leaving for states with better economies and opportunities.  Read it here. Meanwhile, the Albuquerque Journal, oh never mind.

A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all.  Entries to the blog will be done from the road while our house sitter shines up their new RPG.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Self Supporting

The Albuquerque Journal ran a poll this morning showing support for the Governor's loathing of  Syrian and other immigrants.  The Journal does this occasionally by not using their highly respected regular pollster, Brian Sanderoff, but by doing a so called flash poll of their readers.  These readers, which are pretty much devoid of young people, are mostly post 55 years old, white, neo confederates(a term I will use a lot from now on), and full of angst.

One of my commenters thinks I worry to much about this newspaper, and that they will be out of business in ten years.  That might be true, but in the meantime their control of the flow of right wing information to the demographic who actually votes is very dangerous.  The feed xenophobia and misinformation at an ever increasing rate.  You wonder how some of the good and caring people who still work for the Journal can even get out of bed in the morning.

Please Read

This analysis is awesome.  Only those with a longer than normal attention span should get into it.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


I took a couple of days off the blog because I have been so angry at the xenophobia and ignorance sweeping the country.  I wonder if America is permanently changing.

One thing that is not changing is the Albuquerque Journal.  It is almost funny, except it is so serious.  Take for example the ranting editorials and stories over the last few weeks on drivers licenses in New Mexico.  The Journal was printing that people wouldn't be able to fly because of our problems with drivers licenses for immigrants.  (The same people who mow the lawns at Journal Center.)  But then the Homeland Security Office wrote an oped in the Journal saying that was all wrong.  The Journal responded today by a front page story on the Post Office having passport seminars around the state so people know how to apply and get such documents.  It hid its correction in reporting on airport problems in the last paragraph.

Then, just as Governor Martinez abandons the state to head the republican governor's association, the Journal hid a story on the business page of our state now having the second highest unemployment rate in the United States.  We are only slightly better than West Virginia.  If these circumstances happened during a Democratic Governor's term in office, that  story would have been an above the fold front page story.

And then, as if to ignore the dismal statistic again, the Journal touts for our republican Mayor that Alaska Airlines is happy with its load factors on new round trip service between Seattle and ABQ.  They came in after Southwest Airlines dumped their flight.  In fact passenger traffic at the airport has fallen to levels not seen since the mid 90's.  Does that have something to do with our economic wasteland presided over by Susana and Berry?  Probably a lot.

And so think about Susana traveling around  the country while the meltdown continues.  Do you get upset ?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


It was one of those "Mission Accomplished" moments. Mayor Berry said everything was fine in Albuquerque.  That we have nothing to worry about.  Since he said he wasn't running again that is true, except the next Mayor will have to pick up the pieces.

Who will the next Mayor be?  I hear Brian Colon will run, as well as Lawrence Rael.  There will be many others before it is over, but to be sure I am hopeful it will not end up in having one of our current city councillors elected.  That would be continuing the leaderless era of city government.

We need someone with ideas and the energy to pursue them.  If we can get such a person then a renaissance in Albuquerque could lift the whole state of New Mexico out of its owned last place in economic recovery.  We are the only state in the nation losing population.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Susana Martinez is an immoral leader.  She is like the government officials around the world in pre war WWII Europe that refused boat loads of Jews who had to return to Europe's shores and ultimately to Hitler's ovens.  Men, women and children.

How did our multicultural state get to this point?  Corporate money, politics of hate, and bent individuals like Susana who were willing to prostitute themselves to accrue a little power.  She is nothing but a tool and the question is, can we survive a few more years of her leadership?  And what kind of mess will she leave the next Governor?

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back Scratching

Republican Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn will be a one term wonder.  His war on the Game and Fish department and New Mexican sportsmen will doom him.

Should the Land Office charge more for hunting on state trust lands?  Yes.  But fifty times more than is being paid now?  No.  But he is a mascot for the ranching industry and they want no hunters on state trust land.  That way they can figure out how to let out of state hunters onto that land they lease at big prices.  Really, that is what it is about.

So to make it right Mr. Commissioner, lets start by raising grazing fees.  That hasn't happened since I was Commissioner in the 80's. Can you do that?  Let's start by passing legislation to raise oil and gas royalties and working the feds to do the same.  That hasn't happened since I worked with the legislature in the 80's either.  Can you do that?  And raise the prices on all commercial leases.  Can you do that?

Dunn says he wants to maximize revenues for the School Permanent fund, but the only place he is doing it is on the backs of New Mexican sportsmen.  What a farce.

Pulitzer Worthy

We were at a party tonight that had a lot of politicos in attendance and all agreed that the New Mexican story on the Governor's bag man Jay McCleskey and his financial web of money laundering entities could bring down a lot of politicos, including Susana herself.  The story is magnificent and worthy of a Pulitzer.

The Journal's big story today was about one New Mexican woman practically beating to death another woman in a cage fight.


I agreed with two Albuquerque Journal Editorials today.  One on ethics in government and one on the Catholic church ducking its responsibilities to victims of pedophile priests.  How did we agree on two opinions on the same day?  Mondo Bizzaro.

I will be  viewed as being bizarre because although Holly Holm is a great athlete, she is part of the violent culture of this world where beating the shit out of an opponent who had to go to a hospital is something to be admired. We abhor the violence in Paris and celebrate it in the fighting cage.    Some people will say they are two different things, but are they?  Those cage fights teach children that violence is condoned and profitable.

Friday, November 13, 2015


The Catholic Church is preparing its flock for the release of the Movie "Spotlight".  It is about the monumental coverup of pedophilia by priests in the Boston area.  The Church must fear this movie and they should.  Their solution is to pray for the victims and to seek forgiveness.  This is in the aftermath of the church moving much of its assets into Trusts that can't be used to settle lawsuits by the victims.  The movie is on the must see list for Bobbi and me.  As an aside, we went saw the movie "Sufragette" last night.  Every girl over the age of ten should be taken to the movie to see role models for their lives.

The State Supreme Court has said no to buying text books with taxpayer money for private and parochial schools.  I never knew that was happening.  The court overturned two lower court rulings.  That is a good decision.  I wonder if the fundamentalists schools just threw away science books when the arrived.....

Speaking of the Supreme Court, Republican Judge Judy Nakamura has been appointed to the court to fill a vacancy.  Governor Martinez could have done worse.  I am hopeful Nakamura won't fashion herself a Scalia type crazy person.  Don't drink that Kool Aid!  She will have a tough time in her election because it is hard enough for a GOP acolyte to get on that court and she would have to prove herself a moderate.  I think she is one, but that could endanger her with her own party.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Half Vast

The Mayor's plan to convert a convention hall at the facility into a glorified high school basket ball court and call it a new arena is a half vast effort.  His idea of improving Civic Plaza is worthy of consideration.

The so called arena will be most likely ignored by most users who need multi purpose arenas for everything from rodeos to rock concerts and the Ice Shows.

The Governor and Mayor are happy about a for profit college locating its back office operations in Albuquerque.  300 jobs are in play.  But one has to be wary of these kinds of businesses locating here.  For profit colleges are really nothing but student loan mills that provide questionable educations.  Most students who attend these sub par schools never graduate and then are saddled with enormous student loans. Read about it here.