Saturday, March 30, 2013


My uncle Deacon Jaime Baca had a good time with the youngest Baca on Saturday.  We had our Easter Feast a day early since all the kids are leaving on Sunday.

Jaime is 90 years old.  Grandson Simon is 29 months old. There is a lot of time between their births.  But only in some ways.  As my wife Bobbi was mentioning last night, this country will be celebrating its 240th anniversary soon.  When you stop and think that my uncle has been alive for almost 40% of the time that the United States has existed then we don't seem to be such a long time world power.  Even at my age of almost 68 I have been around for over one quarter of the USA's history.

So, one should not feel that this country is necessarily a long term success yet.  If we don't curb the power of corporate America it is doubtful the Union can stand.  But there is time to remedy that.

Ettu Steve

I read a story one time by Arthur C. Clarke titled "The 9 Billion Names of God."  The premise was once the human race knew all of those 9 billion names that the universe would cease to exist.

I don't think those 9 billion names will approach the names Steve Alford of the Lobos will be called.  Now that he has bolted to UCLA one day before his new contract starts.  If this doesn't show college basketball athletics for what they are, then nothing will.  It is just a cut throat money business where the big names get everything.  

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's All Happening at the Zoo

At 10AM this morning folks were pouring into the Albuquerque Biological Park.  

Us Included.

Grandma Bobbi and Grampa Jim got to spend time with Grandson Simon.

Simon's parents Justin and Karly were there.

Simon has a double crown and a cowlick for life.

Meanwhile our daughter Noelle and her husband Luke enjoyed the little guy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013


A beautiful morning.  On the first tee.  Little warm up swings at Santa Ana because the range was closed.  Hit a 240 yard draw down the middle of the fairway.  And felt like some one stabbed me in the lower back.  Totally pulled a muscle of some sort and then played four more holes before the knife twisted.  Now, several days recuperation with ice, heat, and some pretty good pain killers!

Note to self.  If you cant warm up on the range then stretch for 10 minutes you imbecile.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Write a Letter Mayor Berry

Mayor Berry should show some backbone and write a letter to Governor Martinez asking her to veto the tax bill that was passed in the last moments of the session which will absolutely screw his city and the people who live in it.  If he doesn't make this effort he may well open himself to a weakened reelection effort.

Here is a commercial I would script for TV.

While the Corporate lobbyists pushed through another state tax break for their clients at the expense of working people in our city and counties, Mayor Richard Berry sided with the CEO's of the nations biggest corporations.  The tax break will be paid for by the city's residents.  He has betrayed his duty to his city and the citizens who live in it by siding with the corporations and the right wing chamber of commerce.  All so the bottom lines result in even bigger bonuses for corporate executives.  Why did he remain silent?

The video for such an ad would show working people at their jobs and then at home trying to make ends meet.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Letter from the Amazon

My sister Carlota from Santa Fe has been in Peru and the Amazon for the last couple of weeks.  We had not heard from her for a week and I sent her an email asking if she had been eaten by an Anaconda.  Here is the reply I received when she flew into Cuzco for a trip to Machu Picchu.  I thought it was timely after reading John Fleck's article on John Wesley Powell in the Journal this morning.

Well, I am alive, but I did see a giant anaconda! A guy had just caught it
in a village on the Amazon where we stopped to visit with the native
people. SCARY!!

Spent the whole past week on a barge on the Amazon and on
smaller boats in the tributaries.  The boat was great, but the trips up 
the smaller rivers and some hikes in the jungle were so (expletive deleted) difficult
that I almost gave up.  But I would do it all again!!  The Amazon portion
of my travel was the hardest trip of my life, but I now realize how
everything is connected.  Climate change will really screw up the ¨major
two Pacific Ocean currents, which will have an effect on the rainforest
(the lungs of the planet), which will be diminished, and that will affect
the whole world.  Brazil is tearing down its amazonian jungles like crazy,
but Peru has made the entire Amazon basin a protected region and it's
huge! I have learned so much!

The Amazon Rainforest, which was very difficult to live in, has so many
flora and fauna....just magnificent and the River itself is almost
unbelievable!  The volume of water and the heavy current towards the
Atlantic simply cannot be described!

I flew from Iquitos in the jungle to Lima yesterday and from Lima to Cuzco
this morning.  Cuzco is sublime. There was a big procession here as this
is la Semana Santa-- Holy Week.  Today it was the procession to honor
Nuestro Senor (Our Lord of the earthquakes). Tomorrow we go to some remarkable Inca ruins and then we are traveling to Machu Picchu where we will stay for a couple of days.

This week is my 70th birthday and it will be in Machu Picchu during the
full moon.  It is all so thrilling!!  I just can't believe I'm here.  One
of my best adventures ever.


Monday, March 25, 2013


Our grandson Simon arrived on Sunday and immediately went down the street to play in the sunshine.  They haven't had so much snow in upstate New York where he is from, but they do lack those Vitamin D inducing sun rays.  He is two and a half years old and is typical in converting every bit of intake into copious amounts of energy.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Are Screwed

As a former Mayor I now have to say that I have no faith in Mayor Berry at all.  For him to sit and take such a screw job from the Governor and Legislature on the last  minute tax package shows he cares more about party line than the people in his city.

The legislature and Governor dropped taxes on corporations and the rich.  Don't you doubt it.  And to make up for it they are taking away dollars from the cities and counties in New Mexico by phasing out revenues that made up for the removal of gross receipts taxes on food some years ago.  (A victory there for Governor Richardson.)

Now the chicken democrats and right wing Governor and republican legislators have done something that raises taxes, (you guessed it!) on the poor and working people of New Mexico.  And our Mayor says he is hopeful that the lower taxes on business and the rich will translate into a revenue neutral situation.  What a load of crap!  What a huge load of crap!  The cities and counties will be forced to raise their gross receipts taxes to make up for the difference.  In Albuquerque it is already 7%!  It was just 5.5% when I was Mayor.  It is without a doubt the most regressive kind of tax.

And what does the Governor say?  She said it was something didn't want to do but it was done in a spirit of compromise.  That is her way of having her cake and eating it too. How much longer will people continue to let themselves be screwed?

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Ajax and Casper are waiting out of the commotion as we get the house ready for our son and daughter and families to get here for an Easter week visit.  We have cleaned their old rooms.  Got in a little cot for our grandson to sleep on.  Bought another humidifier so our daughter in law won't be uncomfortable.  This dry air and high altitude gets to those upstate New York Girls.  This will be the first time we are all together in 20 months.  It should be fun!  They are lucky too. They will miss today's  terrific winds.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Monument

The pending designation of the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument is a wonderful addition to our Land of Enchantment's protected landscapes.  The 240,000 acre designation is the result of the hard work of many organizations and funders in New Mexico.  Thanks to former Senator Jeff Bingaman.  Martin Heinrich did some hard work on this too prior to being elected to the Senate.  Governor Bill Richardson heavily supported it from the beginning.  The Wilderness Society, New Mexico Wilderness Alliance and many other groups worked diligently on this and in a very smart and political way.

This is a magnificent area north and west of Taos.  It includes the Rio Grande Gorge.  Its preservation is a gift to future generations.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I am sort of speechless and more than normally stupefied by the news in the Journal this morning.  They didn't do anything wrong.  They just reported priorities these days.

The big headline story is the new 10 year contract that pays our UNM basketball coach over $100,000 a month with the possibility of a lot more if certain things happen.  I know most of this money comes from ticket sales and boosters and side deals.

Another story below the fold is about pending furloughs of thousands of military civilian employees at Kirtland Air Force Base just a few miles from the Pit.  Their pay checks will be getting smaller as they are forced to take time off every week without pay.  All due to the lack of job performance on the part of Congress to manage the budget.  That will hurt the already battered local economy and I can't imagine what those workers are thinking of the Coach's pay raise.

And then on the Metro page is an article about how funding cuts for higher education in New Mexico has exceeded the US average.  Spending per student has fallen 36% while tuition for those students has risen 22%.  That really stings!  Why are these kids not occupying the state capitol?

Roman Emperors used to use the games at the Colosseum as a way of distracting the public from a slowly failing empire.   Things haven't changed.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Cop Out

An apt title for this entry.  The Chief cop is out(in a few months) and the new Chief cop is out too.  Until after the Albuquerque City Mayoral election.  And so, until at least the end of the year there will be no new leadership at APD.  Poor timing due to politics all the way around.  The Mayor and Council dithered on the severe problems at APD for at least 18 months.  And then a decision is made to replace the Chief in an election  year, but it doesn't make sense to do so because the new Chief might have such a short tenure if the Mayor is not reelected.  And of course this is all welcome by the Mayor because he wont have to make a tough decision before the October election and perhaps a December runoff election.

And the inertia of a disjointed police department will continue.  This is poor management all the way around.


Yesterday I went with a friend on their "Meals on Wheels' route into the South Valley.  I give a monthly donation to the program which sends lunches out to the poor, elderly and shut ins.  It was a gratifying two hours as we delivered 11 meals to some of these folks.

One comes to the realization that for many of these folks the knock on the door by the meal delivery volunteer might be the only interaction for them during their day.  You can tell that this little communication means a lot to some of them.

One also comes to the realization that many of these recipients of a meal are poverty stricken in a permanent way.  Some of the better off ones do pay for their lunches, but others would not be able to eat a decent meal daily  if it weren't for donations coming in.  $15 bucks a month would feed one of these folks for a week or so.  You can donate here.

There is also a program that delivers dog food for these people's pets.  Pretty cool thing to do.

Monday, March 18, 2013


The insiders at the Legislature may or may not be happy with the outcome of the session.  Mostly, I am just glad it is over.  I followed it more than most.  The average citizen doesn't follow it at all.  They may form some kind of overall impression of the yearly congregation as a result of news coverage.  This year it might be an impression that everyone compromised at the end.  These days that looks good for all part time observers but the legislators and Governor probably don't like it.

The biggest failure is to approve background checks for firearms purchases at gun shows.  The lines for buyers remain safe for paranoid schizophrenics to buy the assault rifle of their choice.

The corporate tax cut over a period of years is questionable.  But it is hardly a sell out by the Democrats who got their own tax cuts of sort in the film incentive program.  I am sure there are some other special interest laws that were passed that we don't know about, but that is the way it all works.

The overall winners here are the Governor, Speaker of the House Ken Martinez, and special interest lobbyists who got tax breaks for their clients.

Of course, all of this is eclipsed by the Lobo mania and the Governor being invited by Obama to represent the US at the Pope's inaugural.  One would have to say that was a bipartisan move.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

GOP and Gays

A lot of people I know think it is a huge step in the right direction that Republican U.S. Senator Rob Portman has come out in support of Gay marriage since his son came out last summer.  It is a good thing.  At the same time it really shows me that the GOP care about only themselves and their mostly archaic beliefs.  Until those beliefs affect them negatively on a personal level.

While it is admirable that the Senator is supporting his son it is also very telling that he hated the idea of Gay marriage until his own family was involved.  If his own son had not come out then he would still be objecting to anyone else's son or daughter being allowed to participate in a Gay marriage?  A selfish and backward view would have prevailed.

Slowly but surely the GOP is being forced to come into this century.  They are being forced to do so by their own kids and other relatives who no longer are willing to stay quiet.  At the end of the day this is the only important thing.

They Got Their Man

The Albuquerque Journal did it.  They got their man.  Their dogged pursuit of Police Chief Ray Schultz finally hit pay dirt.  Day in and day out for the last couple of years they have had the ink barrels pouring into the problems at the Police Department.  And finally there was too much for the Mayor to wash away.  The Journal did what they did best and forced the issue.  (And this time it wasn't even a Hispanic democrat.)

Well, they did the right thing in this case.  And that is a good thing.  Now will they have an even and non right wing editorial about the importance of finding a new chief from the outside so that no particular entrenched faction at APD steps in?  Stay tuned.

GOP and the Pope

My friend Dennis Jett wrote this for the McClatchy newspapers yesterday.  I was going to do the same thing today, but really, he is a much better writer than me.  Think of Susannah Martinez going to see the Pope as you read this.

Commentary: Six ways the Catholic Church is just like the Republican Party

One might think that a political party and a religious organization would not have that much in common. But the Republican Party, in the wake of its failure to retake the White House, and the Catholic Church, in the aftermath of a series of scandals, actually have a lot in common. Here are at least six similarities:

1. They both select the oldest white guy in the room as their standard bearer.

2. They have a fundamental policy of denying certain rights to gays and women. 

3. They are convinced they have a monopoly on morality. 

4. They believe putting a Latino face on their product will increase sales to that important demographic. 

5. They cater to their base and could care less about public opinion or interest writ large. 

6. They think to prevail in today’s world all they have to do is change the messaging without making any change in the meaning of their message.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Go National

Dear Mayor Berry,

Now that the inevitable has occurred and Albuquerque Police Chief Schultz has stepped down, you must not make the mistake of promoting a new Chief from within the department.  Start a national search for a highly qualified crime fighter and administrator to run this incestuous department.  Bring in a guy or gal who will make meaningful changes in training of officers.  Bring in a someone who can stick to a budget so the cop shop doesn't drain away resources from all other city departments.  Set up a search committee immediately to make a bipartisan effort to get this done efficiently and ask them to suggest at least three finalists.  Don't be afraid to spend a little extra money for a really qualified candidate.   It will pay off in the future.

I would also like to thank Chief Schultz for his service to out city.


Jim Baca
Former Mayor

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Governor's Race

I opined a little on the Governor's race recently.  I am hoping for some real talent to step forward and take on Martinez.  I have decided that another Martinez might be the answer.  That would be Speaker of the House Ken Martinez.  Most people feel he is the smartest guy in the capitol building and that he  is capable of non partisan cooperation to advance policy agendas.

Republican Susannah Martinez, a child of the right wing wackos, got a lot of votes in the traditionally northern part of the state.  From Democrat Hispanics.  Could she hold those votes against a well respected and centric democrat like Ken Martinez?   I don't think so.

I know that the Speaker would have a lot to lose politically by running for Governor.  But sometimes a good politico has to sacrifice a bit and do what is right for working people and working poor.  They are more important than that Speaker job.

Everyone I know thinks Martinez is a brilliant and fair minded man.  Now they have to convince him to run for Governor.  Some say he isn't well enough known.   Well, who was Susannah Martinez before she became Governor.  No one had ever heard of her.  Just like Gary Johnson when he ran.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wait a Minute

I have to admit I was kind of mesmerized as they waited to announce the new Pope.  As a person raised in the Catholic faith and schools you never really get away from the dogma.  Especially the guilt, but I digress.  Although no longer a church member I love to watch the drama involved in the operations of the 1 billion member religion.  The Pope thing has always interested me quite a bit because of the seeming democratic process for appointing a new one.  That is about all of a democratic process  you will see though in this organization.  It is pretty much top down management.

The new Pope is the first Jesuit, the first South American, and the first non European in the modern era to be elected.  But wait a minute, isn't Bergoglio an Italian name?

He looked to be a pretty down to earth guy with some vigor in him.  He looks like a Pope.  His job will be the toughest in centuries as the church tries to grapple with modern day life.  If he can't find a way of liberalizing then this church will be on its way out.  Since he is on top, then maybe this is one time when the church can change.  If he wishes it.

I bet it would be fun to be in Buenos Aires tonight.


I am beginning to get worried about the number of Democrats that are willing to become candidates in the Mayoral and Governor's elections.  So far we have Pete Dinelli in the Mayor's race and Gary King in the Governor's race.  Probably, Dinelli will be the only one to consider in the local race.  Most of the people I speak with think he is a good guy with little chance of winning if he sticks to the public financing effort he is putting forth.  If he doesn't gather that 3500 donations of $5 each then he will be set adrift into a sea of special interest financing aimed at keeping Mayor Berry in office.  If he does make the threshold, then he limits himself to that amount of money and will be further inundated with opposition from special interest corporate Pacs, thanks to the Supreme Court.  He is in a very difficult spot.  Most other possible candidates probably have come to the conclusion that it is a no win situation.  So they opted out.

Gary King called me yesterday while I was kind of busy.  He is looking for early support and money. I like Gary and have known him for years.  I worked for his dad, Bruce King.  I think he may be the only person that will run against the Governor in the upcoming cycle.  If he does I will send him money and support him, but I am waiting out the entry into the Democratic Primary of other candidates who I think could stand a better chance of winning.  I am probably not alone in that predicament.  Most of my friends feel the same way.  They are torn between their like of Gary, but feel a stronger campaigner is needed.  One friend says that Gary feels he is entitled to run because of his dad.  I wonder if that is true.

I think the Democratic Party needs to come up with some new strong leadership and candidate recruiters.  Sam Bregman says he will be that person.  Right now, he looks pretty good to me.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This morning I dropped by Lowe's to buy some spring fertilizer for the back yard.  My mission was to find fertilizer with out any pesticides or herbicides in it.  It took a while but I found a bag.  Fully 95 % of their stuff were full of chemicals that kill things.

When I got home I received a note about this Forum that will take place here in Albuquerque in April.  It is being sponsored by a group called "Beyond Pesticides." I hope the media will throw a little attention towards it.  I know this stuff can sometimes help farmers and I can deal with it.  But we don't need to throw it on our yards and own gardens.  In our little garden we regularly hunt down the squash bugs and tomato worms and assassinate them with a stick.  It works well.

The Winner

The real winner in the tally of the Albuquerque City Mail in Election will be future Mayors who will be able to claim, unlike me, that they won with a majority of votes now that winning 50% is required under the city charter.  Yes, that means a run off election most of the time.  But so what.

The real losers on this are the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board(The Editor and Publisher in other words.)  They are the surrogates of the GOP in this town.  The didn't want this to happen because working people would have to much say in the outcome.  Yes, people in unions.  Another loser is the Berry administration's ham fisted running of the election in which the mail in ballot was a piece of confusing junk.  This should be an embarrassment to him, the city clerk and city attorney.  Where is the professionalism?

Strangely though, I think it is quite possible for Berry to win with out a run off since there are so few people willing to run against him.  People perceive Berry to be a decent guy who has not done anything dishonest and treats people with respect.  That is true and I feel that way too.  But, he seems to be weak in some areas, especially his handling of his police department.  But the general voting public will give him a 'bye' on that one.  Mostly that is because the media has given him a break on this and not badgered him as a responsible party.  That has been heaped on Chief Schutlz who Berry should have put out to pasture a long time ago.   

Monday, March 11, 2013

Send Some Stories

I am hoping some of you will send your favorite political stories to another blog I set up called NM Political Lore.  So far I have only one submission.  I know you all have a story tucked away in your head.

Bobbi and I have started to watch "House of Cards" on Netflix.  It is engrossing and a little over the top.  But stories it tells about political maneuvering have some basis in fact.  I know any reader who reads political blogs will have stories of their own.  Send one along.

I gotta think some legislators who will be finished up in a couple of weeks would like to send along some stories from years past.  Just send the stories to

I will post them.

It is Coming

As the sequester on federal funding falls into place everyone in New Mexico should take a giant cleansing breath and prepare for some shocks.  Especially if one is employed by a military base in our state.  As the New York Times and others are reporting this situation will give the Obama administration some real leeway in reducing our military spending.  There might be little in the way of protecting ourselves from it.  And in the long range it may not be all bad, but in the short range it will hurt mightily.

So, what needs to happen is a concerted effort by the Martinez administration to start some real stimulus spending to take  up the slack.  An obvious place to start is our transportation network.  If we do indeed take big cuts from the Feds, then the Governor along with out DC delegation needs to get some sort of recognition that our relatively poor state will deserve some recognition from Obama that we will need a little extra help.  The state may have to be ready to do its share.

Lets wait and see if Martinez and  her minions can get a program together.  Or will she simply sit by the sidelines and let the largely democratic DC delegation take all the blame?  That is probably what her mascot McClesky will advise.  Let's hope she ignores him.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Holocaust Hospitals

The only word I can think of after reading the Time Magazine article on Hospital charges is Holocaust. Even if the hospital is a so called 'non profit'.  The people who run all of these groups are the most unethical people alive.  Their greed is monumental.  You really need to understand they they are the new modern day equivalent of a slave holder in their disdain for human beings.  I am serious.  Read it.

How can a non profit hospital and insurance companies possibly defend themselves against this pricing for healthcare?  Take Presbyterian hospital for example.  They send these bills to the insurance company to be paid.  The insurance company is owned by Presbyterian and it just folds all of that into their rate structure.  It is the old shell game.  Same with the profit making Lovelace hospital system.  They send their bills to their own insurance company.  The only time charges are negotiated is when the hospital and insurance company are not related.  Or when Medicare is involved.  But, if you are underinsured or uninsured then you enter slavery.  You pay many times what Medicare would pay.

No wonder health care is devouring so much of our national wealth.  I don't blame the Docs, nurses, and other employees for this.  I blame the CEO's and Boards for having only profit in mind.  


Why are the democrats in the New Mexico Senate acting like the republican in the US Senate?  Because they are all living in their own little worlds where they get some sort of orgasmic high out of not confirming the executive's cabinet appointments.  It is silly, time consuming and accomplishes nothing except wasting time.

The Federal Senators need to approve some Federal Judges.  The State Senators need to approve Skandera as Education Secretary.  Get over it.

Friday, March 08, 2013

The Journal

Albuquerque's daily Journal today gave more space to a story about an injured puppy than to a group of democrats assailing the Mayor and City Clerk for a botched mail in election.

It is happening.  They are turning in to a TV Newscast.  Well, maybe not yet.  Their saving grace is a doggedness about going after the problems at the Albuquerque Police Department.  That is showing some semblance of real journalism.

I do have a suggestion for the Journal though.  They keep putting a sticker ad on the front page of the paper right over the masthead and teasers for stories.  Would it be possible to put that sticker over the editorial on the Opinion Page.  Most people aren't reading that craziness any more anyway.

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Sometimes folks don't understand why I get frustrated with Obama on some of the issues involving public Lands.  This chart pretty much sums it up.  What protected acreage he is given credit for in this graph was actually put together during the bush administration.  His performance in this arena of protecting watersheds and ecosystems is very strange.  Maybe his new Interior Secretary can help after she is confirmed.  It is said that he will let his appointees run with policy initiatives in this term of office.  Let's hope that pubic land protection is one of them.  

Tuesday, March 05, 2013


It used to be when I was in appointed or elected office and consumed with some policy or initiative that I would be driving down the street and look at the person in the car next to me and realize the last thing on their mind was the public policy I was wrestling with.

For example,  no one drives around and thinks about the legislature debating permanent fund payout rates.  Or who is running the Motor Vehicle Dept. Or about whether they should worry about  the upcoming city election on runoff elections.  They just want the people who should be running things to do their jobs.

One can only wonder if anyone in the city clerk's office, Mayor's Office, or City Council in Albuquerque were doing any oversight on the upcoming mail in city election.  Did anyone of them even look at the ballots that were to be sent out to the public through the mail to see if they were understandable and user friendly?  I am betting not one of them did so.  Now, the election is suspect because so many votes will not be counted, even after voters were asked to come in and sign their ballots if they had overlooked that little important task.

 The signature requirement and signature line on the ballot envelope were not well done.  If they were then this would not be happening.  Unless, someone wanted to sow a little confusion.  Like that would ever happen.

This is what it should have looked like.

This is an embarrassment for the Mayor's Office, City Attorney's Office and City Clerks Office.  But, no one driving down the road is probably thinking about that.

Must See

This is a video that one should watch about the distribution of wealth in the USA.  It doesn't condemn anyone.  It just shows what people's view of reality is compared to the real economic situation.

Thanks to Bubba for finding this.

Monday, March 04, 2013


We drove back down from Fort Collins on Sunday.  I was simply amazed at the condition of the grasslands in Northern New Mexico from Las Vegas to Raton.  Although there had been a little snow, the land is beginning to resemble a desert.  Especially where grazing is not being curtailed.  If there are not spring rains up there then ranching as a business will cease to exist.

Here in our neighborhood of Albuquerque I continue to be impressed with the amount of xeriscaping being done at everyone's homes.  More than anyone it seems that city dwellers understand that there is only so much water to be had and that everyone has to pitch in to help.

In the meantime, some of the irrigators in the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District continue to say they shouldn't make any sacrifices. Do they they deserve some sort of special consideration even in this era of extreme drought?  I am not sure.   Everyone has to do their part.  I know the MRGCD has made some strides in efficiency, but flood irrigation in the current era may no longer be wise. The picture above is an irrigation gate that leads into our property in Pena Blanca.

However, I will say that in one area Albuquerque needs to wake up.  Our neighborhood park is getting as bald as I am.  There has not been an ounce of water applied to it in months and it looks worse than it ever has.  Normally, there is enough winter rain or snow to get the parks through, but not this year.  The response to this has been non existent by the city and it will show soon.  Parks should be green for visitors.  The neighborhood is giving up sodded lawns to save water but green spaces are still very much needed.  

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Luke and Noelle

We are visiting our daughter Noelle and son in law Luke in Fort Collins, Co.  They are doing great here and are well employed and super active as athletes too.  They like to sit on their front porch swing and soak in the winter sun.

They made a great decision in moving here from Phoenix.  The summers are mild and the winters are for skiing!  The restaurants are incredible in Fort Collins' Old Town.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Meet Your Constituent

I can't wait to see what happens the next time republican congressmen conduct a town hall.  It may be that a whole new group of folks show up, with tar and feathers, to discuss the loss of their jobs due to the meat cleaver job cuts that will occur in the next few weeks due to the 'sequester.'

I wonder if any of these guys would really hold a town hall.  It would be both a foolish and courageous thing to do.  I hope they do it.

Will we hear from Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry on what they will do to help New Mexico through this?  It will affect us more than most.  Could a public works job program be funded while the legislature is still in session?  Over and above the normal capital improvements spending which will take a long time to generate jobs.  But that would take some real effort and leadership and political skill.  Do they have it in them?  Things can happen quickly when needed.

We are still up here in Fort Collins, Co.  I watched TV news up here and it was actually pretty good.  Informative.  No sex story of the day.  Or rescued puppies.  Or dash cam video.  At least in the show that I watched.  They even got the Governor on camera for an interview that wasn't limited to specific topics.  Like we will ever see that in NM with our feeble journalistic efforts in TV these days.