Thursday, April 27, 2017


So what do you say to friends who live in Texas?  Given that the GOP led legislature in Texas just passed a law giving jail time to people who shelter, feed and clothe people in sanctuary, what can you start a conversation with?  Gee, how is the weather?  Or, do you have enough jails to incarcerate the thousands of folks who believe in charity and compassion?  It really doesn't matter if those in sanctuary are undocumented or not.  I mean, charity is charity.

The Mayor of our city is out of the country while his Police department and its chief continue the meltdown into fascism.  And the only person responding is some hapless Asst. CAO in the Mayor's office.  He looked uncomfortable and awkward last night on TV News.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I have been on a vacation from blogging for two weeks.  But I return on news of a total breakdown in leadership in the City of Albuquerque.  The actions by the Albuquerque Police Department on social media is akin to the resurgence of brown shirt mentality in our society.  The use of APD's social media to threaten and coerce judges, social reformers, or anyone who doesn't wear blue is truly epic.  I can't recall anything like it in my life long time as a resident of this city.

There is a vile sickness at APD and in the Mayor's office where apparently everyone is on a permanent vacation from practicing leadership.  I have often given Mayor Berry some slack because as a former Mayor I know how difficult that job can be.  But, sooner or later a Mayor has to do some things that might upset people or employees in the city.  And he seems to be at sea.

Here is some advice.  Fire the Chief of Police immediately.  Shut down the department's vicious social media sites and exert some leadership over new sites.  If not then the administration is lost.

No, I don't like criminals, having been the victim of a recent home invasion and theft of our car and other valuables in the middle of the night as we slept.  I want judges to put people in jail, especially repeat offenders.  I want the Governor to properly fund the courts and penal systems to punish these crooks.  And I want the police academy to turn out public safety employees instead of a paramilitary force.

When the police came to our house last month a very polite and impressive officer made an interesting comment.  I asked him why it was so hard to recruit new officers.  He said it was Obama's fault for letting the Justice Department investigate local police departments.

This otherwise professional young cop had imbibed of the kool aid set out by APD leadership, and a lack of leadership in the Mayor's office.  What a shame.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Michele Grisham Lujan is amassing lots of money for her run for Governor.  She may well be the best candidate but  I am sensing some deja-vu here on her anointment as 'the one' by many Democrats.  Remember the hierarchy also anointed Hillary, and look where we ended up.  I am hopeful we will get a good contested primary where the debate is strong and we get a choice.  I could easily vote for Michelle, but I need to know if there are other worthy candidates who might be out there.  At the end of the election cycle I think we will have a Democrat as Governor.

Does one get that sinking feeling in looking at the real estate market here?  We are surrounded by states that are seeing good economic activity while NM and ABQ are still in the swamp.  Under republican leadership.

My stolen car has been recovered, but it is totaled after a high speed chase in Luna County as it headed toward Mexico.  Four people were arrested but three were released.  My car was in a gaggle of stolen cars headed south.  Now to negotiate with my insurance agent.  So far, they  have been responsive but I am already out thousands of dollars.

But, it is only stuff.

Monday, April 03, 2017


I must recommend a book I am reading called "New York 2140", by Kim Stanley Robinson.  This futuristic novel has great political and economic insights and good character and storylines.  Essentially it is about life in NYC after climate change has occurred.

One of the great metaphors in the book concerns the earth's atmosphere.  Think of a basket ball with a piece of cellophane tape on it.  The tape represents the size of the atmosphere in which all living things can exist.  And our fossil fuel lovers think it can absorb what ever they dish out.

Do you think trump has ever thought of fragility of our life zone?   Doubtful.

And then we have in the ABQ Journal today an oped by the flack for the fossil fuel industry, one Doug Turner by name, who savages a Native American legislator for wanting to ban fracking around Chaco Canyon and other New Mexico locales.  I am surprised at Turner's retreat from his usual decency.  But there is money in it I guess.