Friday, July 29, 2011

Rio Grande

I am hopeful that Albuquerque does not actually build a river walk on the Rio Grande.  The Mayor announced that as a possibility today.  I know that San Antonio did it and it is a center piece of commerce in that city.  At the same time our city might be one of few left in the country that has a relatively wild river still running through it.  The trail system along side the Rio is a nature walk in which one can see coyotes, beaver, owls, eagles, foxes and other human beings.  It is very unique for a city our size and I hope Mayor Berry opts out of putting fast food on its shores.

Trying to get things done on the Rio is close to impossible at best anyway.  The overlapping juridstictions of the Bureau of Reclamation, the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District who claims ownership(unproven), and other agencies such as the State Engineer, Fish and Wild Life Service, and State Parks will make things more difficult.  The amount of money spent in meetings and courtrooms will outstrip the development.  I think it might be better to put money into sports complexes, bike trails and other amenities.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The consensus in Europe seems to be that the anti immigrant bashing by the right wing parties there has to stop.  The events in Norway have suddenly triggered a collective conscience that states that scapegoating a certain class of people may not be a good idea.  Would someone send some of this information to the Governor of New Mexico who has forced undocumented immigrants into a Catch-22 dilemma.  Susanna Martinez is forcing families into deportation by summoning them to Albuquerque to defend their legal driver's licenses.  The problem is they must pass through border patrol checkpoints.  This Governor is heartless.

Karl Rove is coming to campaign for Heather Wilson.  How does this help her in the Senate race?  It reminded me of something funny I saw the other day where someone suggested that Texas Governor Perry could use this slogan for his presidential bid, "What harm could a Texas Governor do?"

The revelations that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tax and Firearms let thousands of automatic weapons enter Mexico in a botched sting operation does not surprise me.  Even years ago when I worked with them as the State Liquor Chief I was always under the impression that they were out of control.  I was proved right some years later after they killed so many people in Waco, Texas.   Maybe this is one agency that needs to be cut way back or assimilated into a more professional group.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is a White Fir Tree that I like to hug.  It sits on the side of the 13th fairway at Pendairies Golf Course.  It is almost perfect in shape and form.  I think it is majestic.  We had two beautiful days in the north.  Sunshine and scattered clouds.  Incredible blue skies at that altitude.  Two 'not bad' rounds of golf.  And away from all the budget chaos in DC.  Now, back to reality.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Mexico Should Brace Itself

I watched President Obama's economic address last evening.  I thought he did a good job of explaining the situation and made a good case for painful compromise on the deficit.

Certainly, government spending will take a huge hit.  Nationally, we will all see scary reductions in Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlement programs.  It is just bitter medicine.  But, what  happens in New Mexico where federal spending on military and defense, Sandia and Los Alamos National Labs, and thousands of other federal jobs from Forest Service employees to Department of Agriculture field representatives....etc. etc.

The Land of Enchantment is going to take a huge hit on employment.  There will be layoffs of federal employees as many agencies will look at 15-20% cuts in their budgets.  Since 80% of their budgets are devoted to paying employees you can see the devastation that will occur.  It will be the younger workers who will be hit worse since seniority will decide on who goes or stays.  And, worse yet New Mexicans will most likely lose some valuable services and economic development projects.

Additionally, since we are a state with many poor folks, the cuts in medicaid and medicare will be disproportionately harsh.  Not only on the poor but also the medical establishment, hospitals and clinics that get that money.

And what is the state doing to prepare?  Sorry the Governor is busy chasing immigrants and their drivers licenses.  She and her neo-con handlers haven't seen the future.  If they would bother to think a little outside the wedge issue box then they might realize as unemployment rises their reelection efforts turn to toast.

Someone better get to work and quick.  The hour glass is emptying.

In the meantime I will be off playing golf for a couple of days in Pendaires.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I feel the pundits who are saying the silent majority is fed up with Washington are full of it.  It is all a joke.  It is not a silent majority it is an apathetic majority who are nothing more than whining experts.  They don't work at democracy or pay attention to anything but their reality shows on the vast wasteland of TV.  They might well get what they deserve from the so called Tea Party extremists and their allies in corporate America.

I am not near as radical as some would think.  I think two  years of unemployment compensation is too much and I don't like supporting couples who wont marry because it will effect the benefits that single mothers get.  But I think Medicare and Social Security, after some trimming, are crucial to our country's future.

These extremists in the Tea Party and GOP differ from the crazy christian fundamentalist in Norway in that they are not overtly violent.  But the damage they will do this country will be just as traumatic as the tragedy in Scandinavia if they don't face reality on the current economic situation.

And while this is going on our republican governor is still playing the wedge issue of immigration.  Well, she hired a man who was forced out of Albuquerque City Government for sexual harassment.  He will be in charge of interviewing the 10,000 immigrants summoned for interrogation on their New Mexico Drivers Licenses.   Will he have a conflict with every female immigrant who comes in to prove themselves to the Martinez brown shirts?

Yeah, it  is an over the top Post to Only in New Mexico, but frustration reigns.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


No, not the mercenary guys engendered by the bush/cheney administration, but the kind of black water that results after forest fires.  This little irrigation ditch near our home is black from ash washing down the Rio Grande and into the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District irrigation works.   The fires occurred fifty miles away. I have never seen the water in this condition before.  I assume it has nutrients in the ash that might be good for crops.  Correct me if I am wrong.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Morning Hunt

I love this time of year when I can sit in the back yard sipping coffee in the cool air.  The grass smells fresh and Ajax the Cat ponders a toad.  The newspapers are read while the humming birds feed.  The early morning colors are saturated.  It is just a pleasant time of the day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This case against Judge Murdoch looks to be a stinker to me.  It just doesn't make sense especially when our police department went out and spent hundreds of dollars to get a video of the Judge and a prostitute in his own home.  This whole thing seems to me to be a set up or extortion plot.  Murdoch is toast no matter what happens with his case.  It just makes me more uncomfortable with our police department when they spend time on something like this.

Here is a link to a point by point rebuttal to a story run by the Albuquerque Journal on the UNM Foundation.  It appears the Journal may have egg on their face, in a big way.  They have continued their anti UNM campaign today with a major front page story on some missing cash at the UNM athletics department.  Hardly an above the fold story.  A friend and I were wondering this morning whether or not folks are getting tired of the Journal's conservative and negative approach to everything in New Mexico.

There was a little story in the media about how the nations two largest prescription by mail services, Express Scripts and Medco, are merging into one giant conglomerate.  Is there any anti trust work being done in our country these days.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Numerous things today baffle me.  First and foremost is the Governor's new efforts to scapegoat all immigrants who hold a New Mexico Drivers License.  She is asking 10,000 of them to show up at a government office to say who they are and where they live, and this is not the census.  When a political leader does something like that you know that nothing good will come of it.  Every time a race or category of people are required to do this, think 1930's Germany, or Bosnia, or Armenia, then hatred grows.  Will the Governor's right wing political handlers next require these people to sew an "I" for immigrant on their clothes?  The same goes for Secretary of State Duran who is after people she believes are phantom voters.  In her case they don't exist so no worry there.

I am baffled by the latest news on the Judges in this state.  Judge Murdoch, who was arrested for raping a prostitute in his own home while she conveniently and secretly recorded video, is very sad indeed.  He is a highly respected Judge and most every one feels that way.  I personally think this whole thing is very peculiar and that there is more here than meets the eye.

I am baffled by this guy in Las Cruces who was arrested for hacking large computer systems and causing chaos.  This twenty one year old asshole was one of many arrested yesterday for hacking, the new form of rape of innocent people.  He should be sent to prison like a rapist would be.

I am baffled by legislators in Roswell who don't want to give  up one of four legislative seats as a result of the census and reapportionment process.  This happens while Rio Rancho and Albuquerque's west side are egregiously under represented.  Actually, I am not baffled like this.  The oil and gas industry owns most of those legislators and they want to keep their influence undiminished.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Media Stuff

Channel 13's usually competent reporter Tim Maestas did a puff piece on border security the other day in which he totally ignored the fact that there was net zero influx of illegal immigrants last year from Mexico.  He did interview agents who said the fence has caused  fewer illegals entry in to this country, except when they had ladders.  Hilarious!

I wish we could have hearings in this country on Rodger Ailes, Fox News Head, and his interactions with the bush administration's minions.  Especially Karl Rove.  The Brits are doing a great job of hoisting into view the Murdoch Publishing Empire and its involvement with UK politicos.  Not to mention their phone hacking of a dead girl's phone.

The Albuquerque Journal editor should read the sci fi book I am currently reading for a glimpse into the future.  Especially after today's asinine editorial on off shore drilling.  The book is called "Flashback" by Dan Simmons. It paints a dismal future for this country because of its energy and economic policies.  In the book the Japanese have opened a "Green Zone" in Denver.  A great read.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mayoral Advice

As a former Albuquerque Mayor I am now going to give Mayor Richard Berry a little advice.  You are doing a good job with the fallout of 8 years of overspending by the Chavez administration.  However, that will mean nothing if you don't stop giving the rightwing of the GOP carte blanche in your administration.  The circling of wagons around Darren White by those folks harmed your tenure and did nothing to help you.  In the end the only thing that could happen did happen.  Happy Trails for the publicity seeking White.  And the delay put you on the defensive.

I am still not sure what your administration stands for.  You are a personable and likable man.  You have the Journal on your side but they themselves are becoming a sideshow, so you need to be able to bring some big ideas forth that will capture the imagination of the voters.  Don't be held back by ideologues from the neocon crowd.  There are some good things to pursue for this city but your P.R. guys and CAO don't seem to advise you on them.

I know that being Mayor is the hardest job there is because every pot hole is an enemy and every underfunded non profit that lives off the city tit can be a liability.  But that is the kind of job it is and I know you can hold your own with some new advisors and policy wonks in your office. We all love this city and your vision, once you get one, will be important to us.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

RIP Athena

We lost our long time Beagle companion Athena today.  Old age was the culprit.  She was  one of our best dogs ever.  Her buddy Beagle passed to the other side a couple of years ago.  Athena was our daughter Noelle's pet.  When she went off to Rice University we just kept Athena since she was happy in our home.

We probably wont get another dog.  We have had one or two at a time since we met in 1975.  Bobbi and I are now content with our cats Ajax and Hermes.  They are not so needy and are very social.  Also, after watching some friends our age who just got a puppy I am not certain I would have the energy to deal with it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Missed It

Darren White resigned this Friday afternoon.  I missed my prediction by one week.  Damn!


Someone needs to start a pool on the exact date and time of Darren White's departure from his position as Mayor Berry's Chief Public Safety Officer.  I am in for next Friday at 3:00PM.  That day and time is usually when someone is asked to fall on their sword.  I have decided that the extreme right wing of the Republican Party has been exerting tremendous pressure on the Mayor.  He should tell them to butt out.  He doesn't need them.

How is it that the State Fair Commission hasn't met since last December?  I heard about that and called the Expo Offices today and the receptionist told me that no state fair commissioners have been appointed since Governor Martinez took office.  Others tell me that there are three holdovers from the Richardson Administration and one new one.  Which makes four of seven seats filled.   I wonder how many other boards and commissions are in the same boat.  Maybe someone in the mainstream media could check that out.

The state's revenue picture is improving as energy revenues continue to increase from state oil and gas production taxes.  At the same time the dirty energy boys are spending heaps of money on TV saying everyone will lose their jobs in New Mexico if their taxes and subsidies are messed with.  These guys are immoral plain and simple and they are getting poor people to support them with their fear mongering.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Here is who might be squirming today.
  1. Albuquerque Public Safety Chief Darren White, who despite his love affair with TV cameras and the press, cant seem to be rid of them right now.  And for good reason.
  2. Mayor Richard Berry, who for some unfathomable reason is putting up with this circus instead of cutting his losses over the extreme bad judgement of White.
  3. Marty Chavez, who as Mayor created the job of Public Safety Chief for the city in order to reward a political supporter at a cost of $200K a year or more.  Will this haunt him?
  4. Speaker of the House John Boehner who is having to put up with the kook Eric Cantor and the Tea Party infidels who are willing to risk America's credit rating.
  5. Eric Cantor, who must be starting to think this was all a bad idea, except that I don't believe he knows how to think.
  6. NM republican Representative Steve Pearce who wants unnecessary government spending curtailed but sits by while the eastern New Mexico peanut farmers get their subsidies.  Not to mention the oil and gas boys.
  7. Every elderly social security recipient who may not get a check in August if the house republicans get their way.
I am sure there are more squirmers out there but seven is enough for one day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back Home with a Tan

I spend the better part of the last two days playing golf at Pendairies, NM with my friend Lee.  That golf course sits between Las Vegas and Mora in mountainous terrain and it is in the grips of a bad drought.  Very sad to see but we still had fun playing it like a desert course.  The only green out there was the tee boxes and greens.  They had their first rain on Monday, about an inch, but it will have to rain like that every day for a couple of weeks to look normal in that beautiful part of the State.

I got home to see the Darren White, City Public Safety Officer, is still in the news.  His 'rescue' of his spouse from police officers and medics after a traffic accident continues to bring grief to the Mayor.  It also makes the police chief look pretty lame too.  Why can't White just admit he screwed up and resign.

I also notice the Journal is touting the fact that the city bus system hit a million passengers for the fourth month in a row.  When I was Mayor and trying to pass the transportation tax that funds the bus system the Journal was not a big supporter.  They thought more should go to the developers road building effort.  Now, we can see what an investment in public transportation can mean.  And yet they still  hate the Rail Runner System between Belen and Santa Fe.  Short sighted again.  I am pretty sure the bus system doesn't make money, just like the interstates and state highways, but since the Journal's advertisers make no money from the existence of the train then it is a bad thing. The train really means less car sales and road building for developers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


In 2007 I went to see Attorney General Gary King, State Auditor Hector Balderas, and Thomas Cole of the Albuquerque Journal.  My mission was to get them to investigate the sweetheart deals being made by then State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons.  None of the three did much of anything.

Now that Ray Powell has been in office he is starting to dribble out the horrible misdeeds of the Lyons administration.  This was stuff that would not have been difficult to ferret out for the AG's Office or the Auditors Office.  The Journal would have had to use some real man hours and they were to busy with other things to go after a republican office holder like Lyons.  So the other shoe never dropped on the Land Office.

My question is why the AG and Auditor did so little.  I know they were not getting along but I think they owe explanations as to why so little effort was made to watchdog the state's biggest single money maker, the Land Office.  My next question is whether they will take any action now and if any civil or criminal charges should be filed against parties who may have conspired on getting imprudent deals made at the land office.  Former Commissioner Lyons is now an elected member of the State Public Service Commission.

I think Ray Powell is doing a public service on exposing these deals.  I hope he keeps it up.  And I hope he will push back against the Governor's office of trying to scrap environmental protections in this state.  Powell is the only Democrat in state office that could lead such an effort.  Will he do so, or will he sit quietly?  We will see.

Monday, July 11, 2011


What could Albuquerque Public Safety Chief Darren White be thinking about when he transported his wife from the scene of an accident in his own car?  Especially when she seemed, according to reports, to be suffering from fainting spells.  Certainly, there is nothing wrong about him going to the scene to look after her needs.  But what kind of judgement mandated him spiriting her away from the one car accident instead of having her transported by ambulance or the fire department?

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This really happened.  Today the New Mexico republican party put out a news letter about some TV ads they will start running about President Obama's economic policies.  Here is an actual quote from the news letter.  I am not kidding here.  The news letter is from Monty Newman, Chair of the republican party.

"The ad effectively calls a spade a spade just as the June jobs numbers -- released on Friday -- illuminate the fact that hope isn't hiring and New Mexicans cannot continue to trust the rhetoric of President Obama as the recovery comes to a screeching halt."

What is next?  Al Jolson in black face?

Here is the actual email newsletter

-----Original Message-----
From: NM Republicans []
Sent: Sun 7/10/2011 10:35 AM
Subject: RPNM Newsletter: Changing Directions



Dear Friends,

Hello to everyone from the Republican Party of New Mexico <> .

We have some exciting news this week, the Republican National Committee will be running ads in New Mexico to highlight President Obama's failed economic policies. The ad currently running in New Mexico is called Change Directions <>  and is airing now as part of a light cable and online media buy. Running an ad in New Mexico is further acknowledgement of the Republican's commitment to our state as a pivotal battleground in the race to elect a Republican President.

The ad effectively calls a spade a spade just as the June jobs numbers -- released on Friday -- illuminate the fact that hope isn't hiring and New Mexicans cannot continue to trust the rhetoric of President Obama as the recovery comes to a screeching halt. We must change directions in our national leadership to change the course of our national economy.

A senior Obama advisor recently said people will not vote in 2012 based on the unemployment rate. Maybe in Washington D.C. 9.2 percent unemployment does not drive people to the polls but for folks in New Mexico good paying jobs provide the opportunity to make a living and support a family. For many, myself included, supporting our children is the top priority. I believe New Mexicans will have jobs -- and what the state of the economy means for their ability to provide for their families -- in the front of their minds at the ballot box in 2012.

New Mexicans cannot afford four more years of Obamanomics and RPNM needs help in your communities and counties to get our country back on a sustainable and prosperous track.

With your help RPNM will maximize GOP gains in New Mexico. Please consider helping us by doing one of these small things today so we can make a big change in America's direction tomorrow!

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Below are a few articles from the past week that I don't want you to miss:

*       Republican National Committee: ICYMI: Highlights From Press Conference Call With New Mexico GOP Chairman Monty Newman <>
*       New Mexico Watchdog: Poll from Democratic Outfit Says Susana Still Very Popular; Richardson Couldn't Win in a Race for Dogcatcher <>
*       Press Release: RPNM Statement On Dismal June Jobs Numbers <>
*       Video: Congressman Pearce: Follow the Money on Fox Business talking jobs and the ESA <>

Please send us your feedback and let us know what we can do to improve our communications with you and provide you with the help, resources and training you need to engage in communities across New Mexico and turn 2012 into the year of the elephant (we can always be reached at <> ).

Best regards,

Monty Newman

Chairman, Republican Party of New Mexico

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Paid for by the Republican Party of New Mexico. Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate Committee. <> .

The Horse is Dead

Once again today  the Sunday Albuquerque Journal led with an above the fold story that no one would read. Another shot at the Richardson administration and the State Department of Transportation.  This peculiar and recurring trend is getting pretty boring.  I am not saying the stories are bogus, I am just saying they are beating a dead horse.  Even I, as a hopeless political junkie, did not read more that a couple of paragraphs down.  I was pretty sure I read other stories just like it.

Given the lack of advertising over the last couple of weeks you would think the editors would try something new.

Friday, July 08, 2011


I for one am happy to see the Brits get up in arms over the Rupert Murdoch empire and its running of politics and news in the UK.  I am especially thrilled this morning that they are arresting people from the newspaper and possibly others in government for the illegal hacking into cell phone voice mails.  Can you imagine such a thing happening in this country where corporate CEO's are seemingly immune to paying for their crimes?

Here are some I would like to see.  Arrest the CEO's of an airline every time they leave people stranded on a runway for more that three hours.  That is reckless endangerment, especially when infants are on board.  Arrest bank CEO's when they screw up paperwork that makes people kill themselves when they lose their homes unnecessarily.  Let's start arresting Fox News and other Newspaper Publishers when they purposely mislead the public in order to gain political and financial advantage for their well heeled political rightwing allies.

Okay, I know I am ranting here and being silly.  But we can dream.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer Blahs

Dog Days.  That what they call these.  Hot, turgid, and slow-mo is the way I would describe them.  Up at 6:15 to mow the grass, except I couldn't wake my grandchild until he was up on his own.  So I read the newspaper where the attacks by the Journal on government employees continue.  No, I don't agree union officials should be paid by the city while doing union business during work hours.  It is hardly above the fold news however and just shows how bad the philosophy of the paper has become towards public servants.

They should take a lesson from what is happening in the UK with the rightwing Rupert Murdoch news empire.  Hacking into murdered girls voice mails, along with dead soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Trying to derail murder investigations by slandering cops and their families.  Now Murdoch, in fear of losing his conservative float is closing the guilty newspaper.  It won't help his reputation in my opinion. This all reads like bad fiction.

Still, happy things happen in the summer doldrums.  Like reveling in the old and the new.  This is a photo of my Uncle Jaime Baca holding the newest of the Baca family, Simon Desmond Baca.  My 88 year old uncle is a retired public servant and World War II Combat Veteran who served in the 5th Air Force in the Pacific.  He is a Deacon at St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Rio Rancho.  Simon is just now eight months old and is our first grand child.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wake Up Time

There is a story in the New York Times today about immigration from Mexico.  This is a must read for every politico, redneck, progressive, social worker, journalist, and anyone else who wants to learn something.  Certainly, Mexico has learned something over the last couple of decades.  They have cut their birth rate from 6.8 per woman to 2.0 per woman.  They have expanded their educational system and have created a government that functions.  So well in fact that they are no longer immigrating to this country because things are so much improved in their own.

Has this country learned anything from this?  Maybe people like our Governor who uses driver's licenses to vilify Mexicans at every chance can now take a break from her peculiar brand of hate politics.  Immigration has fallen to almost zero.  Now she can find another divisive right wing issue that doesn't single out a whole nationality.  I know her neocon handlers will help her figure out what that might be.

Would anyone in U.S. politics want to stop and scratch their collective heads and say, "Maybe we are in decline when Mexicans see a better future in their own country.  Maybe we should figure out why?"  I have a feeling I know.   In Mexico the working class  sees a brighter future ahead.  Why would they come here when the rich pay no taxes, the workers are blamed for all problems because of retirement benefits, and the right wing wants to deny basic health care to all.  (They have that in Mexico.)

This country has become a laughing stock because of our politics on the right wing where religious fanatics control  many congressmen and elected officials.  The Mexican population defied their own catholic church to get real results on family planning.  Here I get the feeling we are still fighting that battle.

It is wake up time in America.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


The Albuquerque Journal is on a mission to destroy a basic piece of infrastructure in New Mexico.  The Rail Runner.  They don't like that it costs more than its revenues, just like any public transportation system. Also, since a democratic governor created it, Bill Richardson, it is suspect.  If the Journal were to apply its profit philosophy to themselves, then they should close their doors immediately because they sure are in the red.

Today the Journal published a big photo of Isotopes Stadium with a record crowd.  When, as Mayor,  I pursued public support for building this venue they did everything they could to make it difficult.  The stadium has turned into a big money maker for the city and will pay for its construction costs ahead of schedule.  Continuous revenues will pour in from the city's share of the concession.

I said they other day I would vote for Marty Chavez if he were the democratic nominee for congress.  But then I think about how he put a plaque with his name on the stadium after sitting on the sidelines in trying to get it built.  I had just left office before the place went operational.  Typical Marty Chavez ego problems.  Do we need that in congress?

That race could be getting another entrant anyway.  Former Sandia Pueblo Governor Stuart Paisano might jump in.  I hope he does.  It is about time we have a native american congressman.  And he is a moderate.

Monday, July 04, 2011


This is the next generation of kids of the Baca Family.  The three girls across are Emma, Kelley, and Maya.  Kevin is in the lower left and our grandchild Simon is the infant.  Emma and Maya belong to Stephanie, and Kevin and Kelley belong to Sarah.  They are my brother Tom's daughters.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Our first grandchild, Simon, is making his first visit to New Mexico from upstate New York.  Justin and Karly endured United Airline three hour delays yesterday to bring this little guy to the west.  He will be eight months old in a few days.  He is constantly smiling.  He gets to go to two big picnics this weekend and meet all of his New Mexico relatives.  Woo Hoo!

Friday, July 01, 2011


Just when you think you have seen everything a crazy republican congressman from Utah, Rob Bishop, has decided that this country needs a 100 mile buffer on our borders.  Bishop, who rails against any and all public land protection as theft against the people, now wants to steal those lands and turn them over to the Homeland Security Department. His House Bill 1505 is the vehicle.  A friend analyzed the bill for and said,

"It pretty much turns over management of all national forests, Wilderness areas, National Park System Units, BLM lands, and National Wildlife Refuges within a hundred miles of our northern, southern, western and eastern borders to the Department of Homeland Security, and waives virtually all laws pertaining to the management of these lands for “national security” purposes.  In essence, the Border Patrol would be put in charge of federal lands falling within this area.  They could build and use roads in wilderness areas, observation towers, fences, landing strips, barracks – even prisoner camps, plus keep the public out, and close hunter and other recreational or commercial access, without consulting with any other government agency, the public, state officials, and no need to comply with any laws that might otherwise apply to such activities."
If you will notice, the state of Florida will be administered entirely by the Homeland Security Folks.  Those are the people who brought us the TSA at the airports.  Imagine many of those old people in Florida who wear "Depends." Will they now be subject to having them checked for explosives before entering Denny's for lunch like that 95 year old woman in an airport last week?  And get ready to be checked for explosive snorkels in Hawaii.

Congressman Bishop is a former history teacher.  Makes you wonder what he pumped into the heads of his students.