Thursday, May 04, 2017

7 Days in May

The movie Seven Days in May is one of my all time favorites.  It has one of the best scripts I have ever read.  It is about an attempted military takeover of the US Government during a crucial first week of May.  It was averted by playing dirty when needed.  And that is what we must do now.

First, trump has allowed religious fundamentalist churches reworked tax status, that being no taxes, even if they endorse political candidates and proselytize for their mascots from the pulpits of their imaginary friends.  This is incredibly scary, like that book and now great TV Series the Handmaid's Tale.  Holy Shit!  I mean Wholly Shit!

And then there is the House of Representatives voting to repeal Healthcare for millions of Americans.  What the hell are they thinking about?  Certainly not their legacies.  We should get some go fund me operations going to build monuments to these demons showing them taking the wheels off wheel chairs of Cerebral Palsy victims because, well preexisting conditions.  Or build monuments to their group mind Obsessive Compulsive disorders.

I feel I have stepped into a Dali Painting every morning as I rise from a fitful sleep, anticipating the latest from a demented mad man and his congress.

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Dr. Sax said...

Day 104: "Trump has a dangerous disability" By George Will