Friday, January 12, 2018


Remember when?  It used to be that other countries would respect the United States.  A time when a sitting President didn't need to call black and brown people as residents of shitholes.

Take, for example, Cuba.  This is a photo I snapped while there a few days ago in Havana.  It is a park that honors Cuba's heroes.  Yes, that is Abraham Lincoln.  The man who emancipated slaves in our nation.  That meant something to Cubans who have no small experience with slavery in their history.

trump overstepped this time to the point where articles of impeachment are certainly warranted.  But the morally bankrupt republicans in this country will march against it.  Frankly, anyone in the Republican party is complicit.

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pooker1963 said...

If I might add Mr. Baca, anyone who voted for, or defends the man now is likewise complicit. Defending the Constitution should be every citizens priority now, not party loyalty.