Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Grab the Funnies

So, it is happened. Just like everyone in the media expected sooner or later. The Albuquerque Tribune will close up shop and we will be left with one daily paper in the Duke City. Tommy Lang's Albuquerque Journal is the last daily standing here and it will probably be around for a long time yet, if they start modernizing and get a crisper look. Will their circulation continue to be in the crapper too?
They have only a small amount of control over that but a nicer looking paper would help them. Pictures are worth a thousand words you know. Here is a lot of information on the Journal.

Note to the Journal Comic Page Editor! Get those comics from the Trib into your paper asap. They are so much better than most of the ones you have. Hopefully, you will move fast and efficiently.

Note to the Tribune staffers! You are a bunch of good people and professionals. I have known many of you for years. Except for your disastrous editorial reversal on the road through the Petroglyph National Monument, I always liked your editorial stands. (P.S. I hear there may be some PIO positions open in State Government.)

Note to Journal staffers! You are all alone now in providing us with something other than stories about burning pickup trucks on the freeway. (ie, TV News) Maybe now you can get a raise.

The Tribunes demise was a sure thing sooner or later. It is the trend for PM Newspapers across the country for years now. The last nail in the coffin was the Internet. All those people that used to wait for the afternoon delivery just switched over to blogs and Internet news services.

I hope there are newspapers around for a long time. I love getting ink on my coffee cup in the morning. That newsprint makes me sneeze and clears me up every morning. Oh, and I love reading a well written and informative story.

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Anonymous said...

While I agree the internet is a source of the downward spiral for newspapers, I think there are subtlties to that that should be understood. Do I get news from the internet? Yes, but one reason is the lack of trust I now have for news in general. Since Iraq, and for all the worst commercialization and monopolization in the news, I don't trust news. The internet is an easy way for me to get news from multiple sources quickly, and I can see just how much mud is on the wall. I can access alternative news sources right away.

So maybe the newspapers should just do as you say, and get back to good journalism. Get out of politics and get into the truth. Earn our trust back. Because, as you also mention, some of us do have a fondness for the printed word.