Friday, January 11, 2008

Arthur Sussman

New Mexican artist Arthur Sussman was a good friend for over 30 years. He passed away on Thursday. I met him when he came to Channel 7 as a movie critic back in the early 1970’s. I was working as a reporter and weekend news anchor and his reviews were done on Saturday nights. We hit it off immediately and I started to buy his paintings on installment plans. We have many of his works in our home.

"The Magic Tree" by Arthur Sussman. I bought this painting shortly after our daughter Noelle was born in 1985.

He came to our annual Christmas Eve party this year and spent a little time in front of each of his paintings in our house. He was commenting that evening that he had done a great portrait of Governor Richardson and wanted me to talk to the Governor about whether he liked it or not.

Queen Esther from Arthur Sussman's Old Testament Paintings.

Arthur was never afraid to give his opinion on any issue at any time. He was both left wing and right wing at the same time and he was always fun to invite over for dinner with his beloved wife Judith. Arthur was always passionate about his work. I would often visit him at his studio and would notice that he would be working on the same painting for many months, put it aside and then come back to it when he had new inspirations. He was a much disciplined artist.

New Mexico has lost one of its treasures and I have lost a good friend.

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Rudolfo Carrillo said...

I have fond memories of Arthur Sussman giving his movie reviews, which I used to quite relish as an adolescent. As a life long Albuquerquean, I feel that his influence, while subtle, has been profound...his words and art certainly provided and impetus for me to reach toward the intellectual and sublime aspects of life