Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Invisible County Government

It never ceases to amaze me how Bernalillo County Government flies under the radar. They just committed the taxpayers to a 42 million dollar purchase of an upscale office building downtown which they will use to house county government as it grows. That growth will also be under the radar.

The County Commissioners get away with this because there is no one single person to lean on or to accept responsibility for the government's actions. The City has the Mayor, who is always a target, but the county gleefully gets away with major decisions that have little or no input by the taxpayer. It astonishes me.

Here are a few questions we should all ask about this deal. Who gets the real estate commission? Was there more than one appraisal? What will the operating costs be versus other possible solutions? What will this do to our tax rates? What were the alternatives?

Remember the baseball stadium we built for $25 million? That project was worked over with a fine tooth comb and debated for months. This county purchase dwarfs the cost of the stadium, which turns a profit, and yet it is all announced and the deal closed within a week!

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