Friday, April 27, 2018

The Shit We See

Local TV news has morphed into a police blotter. They run at least half a dozen security cam or lapel cam videos a day. (All photographers can forget about a profession in TV news any longer.) The news directors and reporters are not journalists, they are ET tonight wannabees. If you took them all and gave them an exam on government and civics I am betting 90% of them would get Fs and the others a D minus. I feel for sorry for the TV and radio reporters of from earlier decades who must watch this trash and wonder what happened. But we know what it is, really, it is greed from the broadcaster's Corporations who see money as everything. Murrow and Cronkite roll in their graves every night at 6 and 10. They lay beside the "fairness doctrine" which corporate right wing money destroyed too.


Vicki said...

It's depressing to watch the local news which we call the crime blotter. The local news reporting seems generally lazy or underfunded. They show courtroom appearances and, yes, videos from people's cell phones to substitute for news reporting and journalism. The crime is bad, of course, but surely there is more "news" happening in Albuquerque than crime. Where are the stories about our community that make us all proud? They are there, believe me.

Anonymous said...

I am not entertained by the local "news" shows that feature two anchors stopping to face each other and giggle and guffaw with personal remarks to each another. Am I supposed to be entranced by two profiles giggling to each other?

Or how about featuring an anchor weekly doing amateur craft projects at home?

What about a new male anchor doing a feature of trying to roller skate with professional female roller derby ? Har har.