Thursday, April 27, 2017


So what do you say to friends who live in Texas?  Given that the GOP led legislature in Texas just passed a law giving jail time to people who shelter, feed and clothe people in sanctuary, what can you start a conversation with?  Gee, how is the weather?  Or, do you have enough jails to incarcerate the thousands of folks who believe in charity and compassion?  It really doesn't matter if those in sanctuary are undocumented or not.  I mean, charity is charity.

The Mayor of our city is out of the country while his Police department and its chief continue the meltdown into fascism.  And the only person responding is some hapless Asst. CAO in the Mayor's office.  He looked uncomfortable and awkward last night on TV News.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Berry is always MIA when the caca hits the fan.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Jesus. I just read a Journal article about these social media postings the police department is making and it's about the most bizarre thing I've ever seen a government agency do. I urge everyone to read this. You sure were not exaggerating in your last post and the mayor needs to be run out of town on a rail if he doesn't immediately follow your prescriptions from the previous post.

The police chief must think he's New Mexico's Donald Trump and as he tries to emulate his PR-by-social-media governance but he's also libeling people, inciting people to violence, convicting people on social media who haven't had a trial, doing the police a great injustice by the unprofessionalism he's exhibiting on their behalf and generally is leaving the city open to all kinds of liability not to mention fraying the social order he's paid to uphold that if it frays too much can't keep the species from degenerating into a pro wrestling match.

Where is the mayor? Where's the city council? Has anyone in the media cornered any of them? Asked any of the ones running for mayor if they're afraid of the police "union" coming after them?

There really needs to be a large, permanent protest in front of the city hall and regular marches down Central Avenue by which the citizens of Albuquerque start taking their responsibility to govern themselves seriously.

Anonymous said...

Berry is nothing more than a coward.

Michelle Meaders said...

Mayor Berry was at the Naturalization Ceremony Friday morning, where almost 200 people got their citizenship. He talked up his new Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, and encouraged people to go there for help. A little late, I thought. They are citizens now.

Didn't he run on being against ABQ being immigrant-friendly? Of course no one said anything -- it's technically a Federal Court proceeding.