Monday, April 03, 2017


I must recommend a book I am reading called "New York 2140", by Kim Stanley Robinson.  This futuristic novel has great political and economic insights and good character and storylines.  Essentially it is about life in NYC after climate change has occurred.

One of the great metaphors in the book concerns the earth's atmosphere.  Think of a basket ball with a piece of cellophane tape on it.  The tape represents the size of the atmosphere in which all living things can exist.  And our fossil fuel lovers think it can absorb what ever they dish out.

Do you think trump has ever thought of fragility of our life zone?   Doubtful.

And then we have in the ABQ Journal today an oped by the flack for the fossil fuel industry, one Doug Turner by name, who savages a Native American legislator for wanting to ban fracking around Chaco Canyon and other New Mexico locales.  I am surprised at Turner's retreat from his usual decency.  But there is money in it I guess.


Anonymous said...

For the uninitiated - re: Doug Turner see and

Vicki said...

Trump can't think beyond the "fragility of his golf course". Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf resort staff photographed and had a woman arrested who had to urinate on his golf course.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Good thing Susana Martinez beat out Doug Turner in that primary back then. He might have come and gone before anyone knew how insidious he can be. With Susana you know you're getting hit over the head with a baseball bat because she uses a baseball bat.

That web site for that company he's a partner in is just frightening. They're just high priced flacks, to use Jim's apt term, but they're chameleons disguising themselves as the United Nations disguised as the Peace Corps. That web site's message is essentially, Did your negligence and greed in your pursuit of power or wealth lead to an unfortunate disaster or public relations catastrophe? Worry not. We'll see to it that it doesn't stand in the way of amassing more power and wealth.

I think people see through that stuff, like New Mexico voters did, but I think PR is more for the benefit of the rich and powerful. They pay the man. The man wraps around them a shield of self justification that lets them dispense with the pain and devastation their ego has caused and they plunder on with a renewed sense of their own right.

His bio says he provided "strategic communications advice" to the prime minister of Japan immediately after Fukishima. Strategic communications is an interesting term. Communicating is a battle and its goal is victory, nothing else. That's exactly how he saw that op-ed piece he wrote. Create a mine field anyone seeking the truth has to get though. It's here: