Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I hope someone will start putting forth serious essays on whether or not the trump administration and its minions are committing crimes against humanity with their climate change denial agenda and actions.  I for one think they are.  How does one stop them?

Rep. Nunes from California has become the poster boy for the IQ level of the GOP Reps in Congress.  I always knew they were not very bright and this is one more example of the parochialism of that chamber.  If Ryan doesn't remove him then he is even worse.

The Bernallio County Commission will spend their next meeting sticking it to the poor and middle class with yet another increase in the gross receipts tax.  It would make more sense to raise the property tax, but since they max out their increase in that tax every year, there is no where to go for their spending sprees.  The only Commissioner objecting to the increase is running for Mayor in Albuquerque.  Maybe he should run on a platform of consolidating city and county services.  But no, that would make sense and cost him votes.  So by default Commissioner Johnson is just taking a bye on the vote.


Dr. Sax said...

Danny Lyon on why he’s naming and shaming ‘climate criminals’ https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/nov/28/danny-lyon-burn-zone-photographer-climate-change
Lyon’s new photobook, “Burn Zone” is, in part, a record of the ecological collapse he has witnessed as an on/off resident within the New Mexico stretch of the Rio Grande valley.
Free .pdf of “Burn Zone” @ https://dektol.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/burn-zone_blog.pdf

Bubba Muntzer said...

Those essays about the Trumpists' crimes against humanity will be forthcoming when the environmental movement comes out of the coma it goes into whenever there's a Democrat in office.

The people who support them have awoken. Donations have skyrocketed since the election...


...like 700 percent for the Sierra Club, for instance. They're no doubt hiring people to write those essays now.

You may not agree but this is just one more reason we're much better off with Trump than we'd be with Clinton. No one was donating or complaining or demonstrating when during the Obama phase of corporate friendly Democrat rule climate change not only didn't even blink it sped up. The feedback loops, where accumulated greenhouse gasses start causing greenhouse gasses to be released ever faster, began to kick in under a Democrat. And living standards declined, unions retreated even further, civil liberties eroded, mass domestic spying spread to every corner of American life and our military spread all over the world ramping up tensions for no reason but to justify gobbling up money the Democrat-Republican economic consensus cut from domestic programs - everything from Head Start to government retiree pensions. Look it up. Your New Mexico Democrats did this. While Democrats were bombing seven countries and our Democrat state department was busy subverting progressive governments from Honduras to Venezuela, so-called progressives in this country were obsessing over Republican obstructionism and whatnot.

If you tell any of this to the Average Democrat Voter their eyes glaze over. "Oh, but Trump," they mutter. "But Putin."

Oh robots, Democrats are not your friends. Movements outside the political system, not Democrats, gave us the country we have, with its still yet relatively high living standards and relative civil liberties. We fell asleep at the wheel so now we have Democrats who never utter the word union, vote with Republicans on every economic matter and haven't done a thing to save the planet. Look it up and please stop helping them screw us over.

By the way, did you know that a US senator's $174,000 salary (which doesn't include their open ended expense accounts they run up into the millions, or the gold plated benefits we provide them with that they don't think we deserve) put them in the top 2 percent of wage earners? They don't even have the same economic interests as their constituents.

Anonymous said...

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