Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Michele Grisham Lujan is amassing lots of money for her run for Governor.  She may well be the best candidate but  I am sensing some deja-vu here on her anointment as 'the one' by many Democrats.  Remember the hierarchy also anointed Hillary, and look where we ended up.  I am hopeful we will get a good contested primary where the debate is strong and we get a choice.  I could easily vote for Michelle, but I need to know if there are other worthy candidates who might be out there.  At the end of the election cycle I think we will have a Democrat as Governor.

Does one get that sinking feeling in looking at the real estate market here?  We are surrounded by states that are seeing good economic activity while NM and ABQ are still in the swamp.  Under republican leadership.

My stolen car has been recovered, but it is totaled after a high speed chase in Luna County as it headed toward Mexico.  Four people were arrested but three were released.  My car was in a gaggle of stolen cars headed south.  Now to negotiate with my insurance agent.  So far, they  have been responsive but I am already out thousands of dollars.

But, it is only stuff.


Anonymous said...

Re: stolen car
Are stolen cars listed so that they can be noticed at bordercrissings?

Unknown said...

Regarding Michelle Lujan. I agree, lets see who is out there rather than the usual bowing to the greased anointing that led to the current national disgrace.

Regarding your stolen car. So they found it and the gaggle of others. But is the APD making any serious effort to get at the and-organization(s) behind this? And why were four people in a car being sent to Mexico?

BTW, your comment system asks me to prove I'm not a robot. OK, would a robot write, fuck Forest Trump in his cellulite pocked as

Donald F Schiff said...

My stolen car was also "recovered," after a private tow in which APD did not run the VIN through the NCIC database. I was prepared for a battle over storage fees with the tow operator, but in the end it was moot. The car was toast. At least I got help from our excellent consumer-oriented PRC Commissioner, Cynthia Hall, who had a PRC investigator on the case the same day I called her. I had no insurance on the 1997 Civic, which had little residual value. OTOH, I no l;onger have to throw good money after bad.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Lujan is best friends with Kieth Gardner Susana chief of staff he will run the state of nm deeper in the ground

hereonearth said...

@Anonymous: C'mon, Susana COS isn't still going to be running things.

@OnlyInNewMexico: Sounds like you're still leading an exciting life...

Anonymous said...

you may want to start looking at state Senator Joe Cervantes fro Las Cruces.

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