Tuesday, December 19, 2017

More to Come

If you think things are falling apart in government now, just wait.  Case in point.  A  train derailment on a new route kills and injures passengers because Congress keeps cutting funding of Amtrak.  And then their strangulation of the IRS will make it nearly impossible to collect owed taxes, even under the new tax con job by the GOP.

Bobbi and I stand to gain from this tax cut and we shouldn't.  We would rather the money go into fixing the nation's infrastructure so we at least stay in the low rankings for first world economies.  Take a look at our streets and highways if you think things are working right now.

The bankruptcy of the government and the morality of the GOP go hand in hand.

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pooker1963 said...

You are absolutely correct Mr. Baca. Modern Republicans think government is the problem. Deny it funds, oversite capabilities, and competent people and it becomes a problem. A self fulfilling prophecy.Everyone suffers the consequences of this mindset in unrealized ways every day. Failing education systems; poor infrastructure; imperiled health. It's extremely frustrating. Please continue to call this behavior out. Steven Brubaker.