Monday, May 19, 2008

McCain, Republicans, Oil, and New Mexico

The biggest contributor to the Republican party in New Mexico is the oil and gas industry. That is a fact. Now, John McCain says that he will rely on the Republican party for most of his fundraising for his presidential campaign. Ergo, the oil and gas industry will be largely funding his campaign, along with Lockheed Martin, Boeing and the rest of the military industrial complex. Gee, just like they did for bush and cheney. Do you think many people will notice this. I don't think they will, or if they do they wont care. One thing I have noticed in my political career is that people seem unusually complacent about where politicians raise their money.

I would sure like to see that change this time. If Steve Pearce, the oil and gas guy who might end up beating Heather Wilson faces off with Tom Udall for the Senate we should not let anyone forget who he really is. He is a right wing ultra conservative who made money in oil and gas, voted to support a horrendous war (like Wilson), and he will not change his stands of support for that now dishonored oil and gas industry. While his industry gets tax subsidies real people in New Mexico suffer with energy costs.

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Preach it, Jim, preach it, brother!

That last sentence is well said and worth repeating.