Friday, October 15, 2010

Misson of Mercy

Praying for a toothache to go away will only work if you have a skilled dentist.  Many of our citizens simply can not afford one and dental coverage is not included in the healthcare reform bill.  That is where Mission of Mercy comes in.

This was the scene at the Expo grounds in Albuquerque today where Mission of Mercy's 200 local dentist volunteers and 130 dental hygienists gathered to give free dental service to over 2000 people for the next two days.  Lines started forming last night.

Rodger Beimer received praise for the assistance and facilities the EXPO folks have given.  Dr. Wendy Churchill from Anthony, NM and Linda Paul were working hard at moving folks through the system and handling the 1400 volunteers.

These are very organized folks, thanks in part to Dr. Larry Lubar who was managing the ground game effort.  Larry has been my dentist for over 30 years.

These pictures reminded me of an efficient factory floor.  There were sections for Triage.

Sections for translators.

Sections for restorative surgery.

Lots of generous professionals giving their time.  It is great to see this kind of effort where no questions are asked about background, residency status, or motives for showing up.  Just humane healthcare for all.  And who would say that is not a good thing?  


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Don Schiff said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Jim! I was a volunteer doing massage on the Dentists and hygienists in the Leon Harms Youth Hall. Dr. Lubar had encouraged me to take a look at the operation when I finished my shift, but I didn't get around to it. Through you I get to see it anyway.