Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Another old reporting buddy

This is my good friend Rodger Beimer. I met him in 1967 when I went to work as a photographer at Channel 7 News in Albuquerque. We have been friends ever since. I like this picture of Rodger because it says a lot about him. Rodger isn't one to suffer fools and he is always a bit cynical and skeptical. He also has a great sense of humor and when he lets out with a laugh they can hear it all the way to Clovis. Rodger currently is the Deputy Manager of the State Fair. He and I have had a lot of talks about the fair every year. It hasn't really changed at all since I started going there as an infant some 59 years ago.
It is my personal opinion that if it doesn't change soon that it will slowly die from the public's desire for new experiences. That doesn't mean that the old things we love about the fair should disappear. This State Fair should really devote half of its efforts towards Science and Innovation. Whole new exhibits buildings should be constructed to highlight New Mexico's leadership in basic science research at our two national labs and the spinoffs they have produced. Wouldn't it behoove Lockheed-Martin, Intel and others to chip in to help with this? The state's institutions of higher learning could help too. Maybe we could appoint a few scientists to the State Fair Commission to get things

They would all love working with Rodger and Fair Manager Fred Peralta.

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