Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Domestic Hell

I don't have much today as I have descended into domestic hell, lower level. At 1PM I take leave, go home and start tearing the house apart with some help from our trusty maid so we can have new carpet laid through out. Maybe I will just kill myself instead. Who needs this?

Well, the kids are pretty much gone and after ten years of adolescents, two beagles and a cat, I am surprised the carpet just didn't turn into a mutated creature and walk out on its own. It would have been easier. This is our cat Jerry. He will disappear for a few days while this occurs.

A couple of things have been bothering me today. President bush I learned attended services for the four boyscout leaders who were tragically electrocuted at their Jamboree. Any bets he will attend services for any of the 24 US Marines killed in the last 24 hours? Mission Accomplished?

Thomas Freidman in the NYTIMES today wrote a great column on America's impotence on providing Broadband Services to its people. This is actually a serious problem as far as economic development goes. Read it here.

The Energy bill which bush will sign contains massive subsidies for the oil and gas industry. This comes at a time when the industry's profits are off the charts. The last time windfall profits happened in the 70's the government wisely passed a windfall profits tax. Damn! Think about it, we are subsidizing corporations who are enjoying record breaking profits.


Redtech said...

Jerry is very cute but he seems pissed about the carpet situation. He probably just got it the way he wanted it.

Immortal Beloved said...

Jerry is adorable! Can I take him home with me? I have three cats who would love to be his brother and sisters. :)

james86darlington said...

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