Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Government Gone Insane

The story in the Albuquerque Journal this morning about the student who stuck a wad of bubble gum to a traffic ticket and mailed it in with her fine is proof that our government has gone insane. It got the attention of people in the government who worry about WMDs. How weird is this? This admitedly stupid act is now clogging up the Federal District Court and the time of the FBI. It is as ridiculous as infants not being allowed to board commerical airline flights because they have the same name as people on the 'no fly' lists.

Oh, I know what they must have been thinking. It was Bazooka bubble gum. Very dangerous in the wrong mouth!

Where is common sense? How can something like this bubble gum caper get as far as it has? The only explanation can be a complete break down of the competency in our Federal Governments 'War on Terrorism'. I want the people who are taking their time up with this silly stuff to be out looking for the really bad guys. Remember Osama?

Somebody do something!

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