Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Downtown Parlor

It has been in business since 1931. The Model Shine Parlor in the 200 block of Gold Avenue has seen the soles of countless thousands of people since William Cheers opened it. Cheers, who operated the business at numerous locations until his death in 1986, was a well known figure to generations of folks seeking a good shine. I knew him as well and was convinced no one could have had a better name and lived up to it. He was always cheerful and smiling. The walls of the Parlor are adorned with pictures or testimonials to this man.

The shop is now owned by Adam Campos shown here with his dad Charles Sanchez. Adam had worked there for many years prior to taking the shop ownership. He has a very devoted clientele and always seems to have a couple of folks in the chairs. Politicians, Cops, Bankers, Cowboys, and just about anyone else you might think of spend a few minutes of their time chatting, debating, or looking at the collection of Playboy magazines on the racks. I hope the Parlor is around for a long time. Downtown wouldn't be the same without it.

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Benny the Icepick said...

So I know I'm three years late in commenting, but I just have to say that Adam and Chuck are great guys, always quick with a laugh. There are some very high profile clientele walking through those doors; I often wonder just how much business is done in the tall chairs.