Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good People

I had early morning coffee with some really good people. They are all in town as representatives of the Union of Concerned Scientists. This has always been one my favorite activist groups because of their heavy reliance on science to move their agenda along. On the left is Doctor Robert Dodge of Ventura, California, in the middle is Damon Moglen of the Gobal Security Program, and on the right is an old colleague of mine from The Wilderness Society, Doctor Sue Gunn, Senior Washington Representative.

They are in town to alert New Mexicans to the dangers of the proposed Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, more commonly known as the bunker buster bomb. See more about it here.
This thing really looks like a boondoggle that won't do what it is supposed to do. And, do we really need more nukes in this world?

This group is making the rounds of New Mexico cities in hopes that the public will convince Senator Pete Domenici to eliminate funding for this project in the next year. They will make a presentation to the public on Wednesday night at the Friends Meeting House at 1600 5th North West in Albuquerque.

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