Saturday, November 26, 2005

Pena Blanca Farm

The reclamation of some of our farmland in Pena Blanca continues. All the wild elm trees are down and the stumps are being burned. Next week the laser leveling of the land will begin and then the new irrigation pipe will be laid. The cost of this pipe has skyrocketed because it is made with petroleum products and it is scarce.
But, if our ducks aren't all in a row they are at least in a circle.

I had an interesting conversation with one of the oldtimers in Pena Blanca the other day. He fears agriculture will be a thing of the past there as real estate values and water values continue to inflate. He is probably right about that. As I drove all around the village yesterday, which sits between Santo Domingo and Cochiti I was reminded of Corrales in the 1970's. Right now, there is a varied mix of old mobile homes and new large homes. That will change as people in Albuquerque and Santa Fe realize this last rural enclave. other than Algodones and Sile, is only a 35 minute drive from each city. The views are unparalleled. So, we will soon see a new land rush into this area. I hope there will be some effort made at preserving the agricultural atmosphere of this charming place. Maybe farmland conservation easements would be the way to go.

The work on the farm is being done by Fred Sichler, owner of Sichler Farms in Los Lunas where you can buy all that good green chile and alfalfa for your horses.


Chris Sichler said...

Ernie Sichler Farms, the produce stand in Los Lunas wich markets green chile is owned by Chris and Paula Sichler.

Jacob Sandoval said...

Jim I like to read your blog about Pena Blanca, my grand father who recently passed away was one of those old timers you talked about, we dont have much land but I am going to keep it just as it was "farmland". Very interested in hearing more about your farm....

Thanks Jake