Sunday, November 13, 2005


We arrived back in Albuquerque on Saturday night. After all the great airline service from Korean Air, Delta managed to lose Bobbi's luggage for twenty four hours. How they did that is a mystery and why they didn't seem to give a damn is frustrating.

It always feels good to get home to the USA. However I was amused to see how things work for foreign citizens when they hit our shores. There was a little Korean lady on our flight and she didn't speak english. I could see she was bewildered in the L.A. airport and she kept trying to give people a note written in English so that they might help her find her connection. Everyone ignored her and just kept pointing to the door. I went up to her and she handed me the note and damned if she wasn't going on the same flight to Salt Lake that we were. So we escorted her right to the gate by use of hand language. She said in hand language after getting to the gate that she would pray for us. Well, the point is that in any of the foreign airports we visited on our trip you only had to walk ten feet to find a native that spoke english. Even some cab drivers in Bangkok spoke our language as did many shop owners. It was basic but they could get their message across. We really need to insist that our schools and society teach other languages to our kids. God knows they are going to need it.

So, after a good night's sleep we wake to read that the religious right politicians and ministries don't like this new cervical cancer vaccine because it might promote promiscuity. Apparently you can get the virus that causes this cancer without sex but cancer is better than sex for their daughters I guess. This kind of stuff is scary.

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