Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hybrid Envy

The new Hybrid arrived today. This Toyota Camry is really just a giant computer with four sixteen inch tires. Its got little gadgets, readouts, audio, telephony, and a lot of stuff I haven't discovered yet. You don't need a key. You just walk around with a little thingie in your pocket and when you get within three feet of your car it unlocks. The you get in and push a button and the car starts and connects with your cell phone.

Now, I just want to say I love my little pickup, but I think it has Hybrid envy. I do want to use the hybrid on the road for the campaign and I know it will get close to 40 miles to the gallon out there. That is a little better than my opponent's Ford 250 pickup. Just to be clear about this, Bobbi and I did pay for this car. No campaign funds were used.

Speaking of Bobbi, for some reason she put dibs on this car, so if I use it on the campaign trail it is because she gave me permission.

Seriously, this technology is so far out in front of American car manufacturers it is heartbreaking. It was designed, licensed and developed in Japan. I think my car was actually built in an American Toyota Plant. Why do I have this sinking feeling that we are finally feeling the effects of a pervasive 'bottom line' philosophy in American business. It seems that they still think that the next quarters profits trump research and development. Maddening isn't it? Well, go see Al Gore's movie, "An Inconveniet Truth". If that doesnt wake this nation up then nothing will.

I keep wondering why people don't think about environmental matters more. I know some really sharp, good and responsible people who never seem to think about the consequences of climate change, fossil fuels and water degradation. It is hard for me to understand.


Anonymous said...

Cool--Put some Baca campaign signs on the doors to advertise your run for SLO and that you are fuel conservation concious--mount the little truck on the roof like an art car--hit the road

Progressive Dem said...

Bravo! Although I must admit I love your tiny pickup truck too...