Sunday, June 11, 2006


Back in 1979 Bobbi and I went out one Saturday morning to buy me some razor blades. On the way to the drug store we thought we would take a long drive into the north valley. Instead of buying razor blades we bought a house. It was the last thing on our mind when we left our starter home in the north east heights. We had always wanted to live in Albuquerque's close in north valley but we never thought we could afford it. Then I went to work for Governor King as state liquor director and we had a little more income. Additionally, the little starter house we bought only 10 months before for 43k had appreciated to 57k. We had the down payment!

We often do things like that kind of impulse buying. Here is what happened today. Bobbi commented that it was hard to load her golf clubs into her VW Beetle. As great a car as it is, it has enough trunk space to hold a small litter of kittens. Maybe.

I sauntered into the office and did a check on the VW Diesel's value and was astonished at how much it was worth. I didn't think much more about it, except subliminally I guess.

Bobbi and I then left to travel to Pena Blanca to see how things were at the farm. Instead, some mysterious force sucked us off the freeway to the Toyota dealership. Yep, we bought a new car. If we are lucky we will own a new Toyota Camry Hybrid anywhere from next week to three months from now.

This is how we always manage our big purchases in life. No fretting, agonizing or procrastinating. Just do it.

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