Thursday, November 02, 2006


I see in the Journal this morning that Mayor Chavez and the City Council are considering making the transportation tax the voters passed after I campaigned for it as Mayor in 1999 into a permanent tax. I had to take that tax to the voters and after an all out assault by Republican city councillors we ended up winning by about 1000 votes. The tax has modernized our transit system, reinvested in our streets in the older parts of the city, and fixed deficiencies generally around Albuquerque. Mayor Chavez has done a good job of following up on this. Now, because of an improving economy the 1/4 cent tax has ballooned in dollars received and there is talk of a street car system up and down Central Avenue. Go for it!

This is one of the many things I am proud of accomplishing as Mayor, just like Isotopes Stadium and Eclipse Aviation as a major employer. I continue to be assaulted by my opponent for the things I did for my hometown. These are particularly vicious ads that he is running and people say it may now hurt. We will see. I have started a new positive ad for the rest of the campaign. Here is a great column by Jerry Ortiz Y Pino in the Alibi this week. I also received their endorsement today and the endorsement of the Santa Fe Reporter.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Mayor Chávez and you.

Vicious ads? How's this little tip from the pros?

The Thursday before the Tuesday of Election Day is when honest campaign pollsters who have decent relationships with their candidate clients begin to warn them that things are looking tough.

In most of these instances, the question on the table is how negative on the opposition (and on which topics) the campaign should be in the final days in order to pull out a win.

Sounds like they told that Lyin' Lyons he's in big trouble.