Sunday, May 20, 2007

Home Again

The French may never be able to beat the Germans in a war, but they sure kick their butts in the airline business. While traveling to our vacation on Lufthansa a couple of weeks ago we had the feeling we were part of a crew in an old Roman galley. It was that bad. Today we flew back on Air France and it was positively civilized.

Memo to All U.S. Airlines Board of Directors. Make your CEO take a transatlantic flight on Air France. Tell them to taste the food, drink the wine, marvel at the crews constant attention. Tell the CEOs to aspire to the inflight service levels of Air France. Also, tell them to teach the French Airline how to run a ticket counter, because our airlines do that a lot better.

So we arrived back late last night from Venice after 10 days of port calls, excursions and relaxation. I think it is the best vacation we ever had. The weather was perfect, the people of those countries like Americans, but not our government, and we are ready to go back to work.

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