Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So, jet lag is lagging and I realize that when we were gone that gasoline prices here went up 10%. And still there is no windfall profits tax imposed on these oil companies. Where is our delegation and the Congress on this travesty? High gas prices may help us develop alternative energy sources, but the windfall profits tax would fund it. Why give all this money to these Oil CEOs?

The Las Cruces City Commission went ahead and approved a large annexation that was engendered by State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons doing a sweetheart deal with developer Phil Phillipou. My question is how can that deal be approved when Lyons contractually dismantled his own Request for Proposal process by giving the deal to Phillipou before the deadline for the RFPs was reached. If the Attorney General doesn't force this whole process back to step one, then a great loss will be had for the people of Las Cruces and the State Permanent Fund for the schools. National and other local firms that might have done a much better job on a master plan have been cut out and the people of Las Cruces will pay for it with increased taxes. The Schools will in the end receive less money since a full bid process was never completed. I suggest letters be written to Attorney General Gary King about this.

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