Wednesday, May 16, 2007


We visted the site of the original Olympics near the port of Katakalon. The site was impressive as is the country side which is totally different than the other parts of Greece we have been to. We are now on the west coast of the islands which get lots of rain. It is a little more humid here but the temperature is still only around 75 degrees. Perfect weather every day since we arrived in Venice 11 days ago. We have really lucked out.

Yes, we are eating our way through this trip. Probably have gained a few pounds that I had lost but we are getting lots of exercise and fun in hiking around. Tomorrow I will hit the Gym and Bobbi will do Jazzercise on board since we are at sea all day tomorrow before our final stop in Slovenia at the port of Koper. Then to Venice for a night and off to Albuquerque.

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