Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Marty Chavez, Money, Consultants

An acquaintance of mine received a letter from Mayor Martin Chavez requesting that they serve on Marty's Finance Committee. No where in the letter did it say what the Finance committee was for, just that he had one and would this person serve on it.

Things are hard enough raising money in upcoming efforts to unseat our war hawk heather wilson.(yes, just like bush and cheney I will no longer capitalize her name because of her war mongering.) Martin Heinrich has probably raised over 200K now and it still working it hard. There are at least three other folks thinking about running against Martin. Here is my advice to them. Don't listen to political consultants who tell you can win, because all they are trying to do is get your business. Call 100 of your best friends and ask them for $1000 each. If you cant find at least 50 friends who will do that, then just forget it. You won't be able to raise the money you will need and you will just cut into money that might go where it is most needed. I happen to think that is to Martin Heinrich in that race.

Also, don't send any money to Marty Chavez until he fesses up to what he is running for. You might be funding him to run against some else who you might prefer. Now, having said that, if Marty runs for the right thing I might even send a check. Really. Anybody who has served as Mayor of Albuquerque deserves sympathy. Yuk.

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Karen Fayeth said...

"Anybody who has served as Mayor of Albuquerque deserves sympathy."

:) Thanks for a nice, wry smile this morning, Jim!