Wednesday, November 04, 2009


As suspected the media is trying to say there is a great message in the defeat of two democrats in their races for Governor back east. (These were extremely low turnout elections.) They say all dems nationwide should heed the message. I still have trouble figuring out what the message is. Perhaps it is one of not in 10 months time solving all the eight years of problems left by the bush administration. Perhaps it is one of getting rid of local unpopular pols. Perhaps it is one of wanting bi partisanship!(probably not.)

It might be one of looking at local issues and figuring out who might best solve immediate problems. That is what I think it is. I don't think everyone is blindly trying to send an unknown message to Washington, DC. Although losing a republican congressional seat in New York to a Democrat might send a message to the GOP to get their merde together.

Right now I am seeing a lot of people who I never thought would be in economic trouble suffering horribly. These are people I have known for may years. Getting this economy in better shape is the most important thing we can do and that is a message for all political persuasions.

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ched macquigg said...

Is there really not a single "republican" on the face of the planet who is entitled to any respect at all?

I continue to wonder if the level of the discourse might rise, if we thought of a way to discuss the substantive issues of the day, without having at the same time to attach labels to those who disagree.

How many people who are commenting on politics, expose their bias in the way they attach "republican", and "democrat" to their arguments; much less the more pejorative labels.

Issues can be discussed, opinions can be formed, through candid, forthright, and honest examination of the facts. Facts stand independent of the person that pointed to them, regardless their motivation.