Monday, November 02, 2009

The Legislative Branch

It doesn't matter whether it is a city council or a state legislature. These bodies will always blame the executive branch for all budget problems when in fact they are just as complicit in disregarding discipline.(They vote for these budgets.)

Let me give you some examples. Every city councilor wants a police substation in addition to area commands in their district. Every state legislator wants a state park or branch college in their sphere of influence. Believe me, it all adds up to whopping operational costs and jobs for local residents. These are recurring costs that only grow and never disappear. Understandably, these are job centers for these areas, but in this modern era of fast communications and transportation networks these are just drains on the budgets. Really, do we need as many public institutions of higher learning that we have for being such a small state? I know, this is scared cow stuff but it does point out the complicity of the legislative branch.

So, I just don't always appreciate the 'tuning up' of the executive by the legislative. Half the time it is not warranted.

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