Wednesday, December 21, 2016


I have been writing missives on my blog for 13 years.  One of those early adopters of this medium.  I went back to 2005 and started reading some of the 4000 posts I have made to Only in New Mexico.  It is all very repetitious. Things don't really change, except in a glacial way.

I  have been struggling with posting lately, because everything sounds used up.  And shrill.  I have thought about retiring from my ever shorter blogs because I think I have said it all before.  Between now and the New Years I will decide, not that anyone cares.  It is something to do everyday.  My readership is still fairly good.  What to do?

But trump and susana are still here and provide grist for the mill.  And the next round of elections will be fun to comment on.  Tune in for further notices.


Bruce Shah said...

Stick around, please. We will be needing a Democratic Mayor and Governor to buffer us from the worst of the insanity.
The Journal, of course, covers nothing. No other outlet has their reach so we need lots and lots of smaller lights in the dark.

Bosque Bill said...

Jim, I understand your ambivalence about continuing your blog, but let me assure you that there are indeed those of us who care. Sure there is some repetition, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be said again... and again, if necessary.

I've learned about issues with which I wasn't aware until you wrote about them. I found information which helped me or entertained me. I also discovered the excellent SUWA organization that is working hard to protect natural and cultural treasures in our sister state of Utah. I joined the organization and even went to their Roundup this fall, neither of which I would have been able to do without your blog.

I have subscribed to the RSS feed of your blog for several years and look for your posts every day, though I don't expect you to write one every day. Please hang in there and keep posting as you have the time and energy.


renni blatt said...

My vote is for you to keep blogging, until you have your replacement waiting in the wings.
Jeff Baker

Anonymous said...

If the blog is too much switch to twitter. 140 and you can be the progressive Trump! That might be more fun than writing an entire blog.

Anonymous said...

If you want to jump back into government work I understand the Taxation cabinet secretary under Susana is open!

Philip Crump said...

Resonating with Bosque Bill--While your frustration is evident, Jim, I do hope you can maintain your thoughtful and incisive commentary to bolster us during the assault that is already underway.
It is such a relief to read commentary that is not shrieking or vile but calm,ironic and informative. In particular, your knowledgeable views on the upcoming mayoral and governor rodeos will be very helpful.
Meanwhile, I do hope you and your family are enjoying holidays.
With gratitude,

lota said...

Keep it up, Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

Jim, please stay with it. As a former resident of Abq your blog was one way for me to stay connected with friends & associates in NM. I also relate to your personal comments about your family. I also have twin grandchildren (boys) about the same age as yours. We travel often to upstate NY as you do. I have also recovered from prostrate cancer.

Someone needs to be a strong voice given what has happened to the nation. Add me to the list of people who really appreciate the time you spend with the blog.

Best wishes for the holiday, signed Jim L

aldog said...

Jim, your comments are always insightful and relevant. The repetition may only be a reflection on all the work that continues to be done. Besides, I really like the updates on your family. Say hey to Bobbi for me.

Allan Porter said...

Keep on keeping on, Jim. And remember, an earlier blogger named Mark Twain said, "History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme." Keep your poetry coming. It's wonderful.

Bubba Muntzer said...

There's a term, "opinion leader," used to describe people like you. The rest of us wait to see what the opinion leaders think about something before we form our opinions. I understand you being tempted to let it rest, but I agree with everyone who appreciates what you do and wishes you'd continue, at least in some form. I'd miss your knowledge and wisdom, your photography, your accounts of your travels, your quick takes on books, movies and the culture in general, your humor, your fearlessness, and the example you set for how to be sensible and moderate in all things. I found your blog when I was looking for places where I could learn more about my adopted home and your blog and the comments it elicits have been central to how I perceive New Mexico.

You've been a public figure for a long time. Going back to what, TV, then politics, then helping pioneer this new kind of media, a lifetime really of trying to help New Mexico find its way. Even if you step away from the limelight I don't think you'll be able to stop doing that.

Incidentally, your ability to distill things down to their essence would make you good at Twitter.

And by the way, in an article your compatriot Joe Monahan linked to yesterday, Bill Richardson was sounding like you. There are no leaders right now, he says. The party is lost.

Further down in that article the writer describes what the few in the party who aren't utterly demoralized are doing. More of the same. We just need to raise more money. The thinking that's let Republicans take over the entire country and why we have a used car salesman for a president, no offense to used car salesmen. Meanwhile, the most popular politician in the country is Socialist Bernie Sanders.

It's an exciting time, I feel, not necessarily because Socialism is making a comeback and in repeated polling is more acceptable to young people than Capitalism. No, it's an exciting time because Americans are about to see what they're really made of, and we need people who've engaged in battle before.

Anonymous said...

I hope you decide to continue. In these Trumpian times, we need to stick together and make our voices heard. Don"t let yours go silent!

Ron Curry said...

I need my Jim Baca "hit" good caffine!

Anonymous said...

STAY - as long as trumpi and suzi are still pushing the buttons we need you to keep countering.