Thursday, December 01, 2016

Buggy Whips

State Land Commissioner Dunn is bringing on retired Senator Domenici as an advisor at the Land Office.  Dunn is also pitching enhanced drilling for fossil fuels to fund early childhood education.

These guys just don't get it.  Domenici never saw an oil well or coal mine he didn't love.  And Dunn is not any better on pushing of fossil fuels over anything else.  They are like buggy whip manufacturers expanding their plants as Model T's roll off the assembly lines.

They just don't see the future.


Anonymous said...

Jim, what I think both Domenici and Dunn see is Trump allowing the fossil fuel industry free reign to do as they please where they please. They will never move into the future.....unless they can make as much money from it as they do from fossil fuels. They don't care about climate change, preserving our parks, wildlife, nothing trumps money!!

Anonymous said...

Jim, maybe Saint Pete is moving back in order to find lobbyist work for his 'love child'. You know it's always been family first!

Vicki said...

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Saint Pete Domenici, the patron Saint of the Bastard Child.