Friday, March 06, 2009

Mercy for Some

I was astounded to see that the Archbishop wrote a letter of support for convicted Senator Manny Aragon. Archbishop Sheehan wants to court to be merciful on the once all powerful legislator despite the fact that he and his friends stole millions of dollars from the public treasury. Millions of dollars that might have been used to help the poor or increase education funding. Well, mercy and understanding is a good thing that the Archbishop's church practices, although it is only in select cases.

Travel back in time a couple of weeks and you would see the Archbishop sitting in a legislative committee supporting the view that a domestic partners bill was evil. You know, health insurance, medical care, visitation rights, happiness and all that goes with it for gay people was not worthy of support of the church he leads in this Archdiocese. I just find this almost to hard to bear. Especially when the church seemed so good at looking after the well being of pedophile priests by relocating them to new parishes after their 'counseling'. Oh, and lets not forget the willingness to bring back to the collar a Bishop who had been excommunicated for denying the Holocaust ever occurred. (He also thinks women should only wear dresses.)

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