Sunday, March 01, 2009


Bobbi and I are still in Washington, DC and will be for at least another day due to the airlines cancelling most of the flights today in anticipation of a blizzard. On top of an intestinal virus, and a cold for me...well I have had better trips. Still, we had great meetings here and we got to visit with Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. He is really delivering on change so far and I hope he can keep it up. He could be the greatest Interior Secretary since Stewart Udall.

The mood here in DC is generally really upbeat. How hard can that be to sustain with bush/cheney being gone? In the meantime I see that rush limbaugh is now the hero of conservatives and is being called their leader. Just what they need, another bloated crazy man carrying their flag.

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Unknown said...

Funny, the mood on Wall St. about Mr. HopeChange doesn't seem quite so upbeat. I shudder to think of the economic damage he will do to our country the next four years.

I see you're following the Democratic talking points trying to identify Rush with the opposition to Obama's insanity. He is simply one of many.