Wednesday, January 17, 2018


I feel so relieved that Susana Martinez just made her last speech to the Legislature.  Really, of all the Governors I have worked for or observed she has been the most visionless, the most vicious and the biggest failure.  I honestly could not point to one thing she has accomplished that would help the long-term success of New Mexico.  Even Gary Johnson built a few things that were positive.

Really though, the thing that has stood out about her administration is the nastiness emanating out of the fourth floor in the capitol.  Her minions never talked issues, they just trashed anyone who disagreed with them.  Maybe trump used her as a model.  It looks like it to me.

She has just been a part of the meltdown of a moderate and reasonable GOP.  One wonders if they will ever recover their ethics and morality.  Of if they will even continue to exist.

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