Sunday, January 21, 2018

Veneklassen for Land Commissioner

There are some Democrats who are upset that Gene Veneklassen, the perfect fit for being elected Land Commissioner, was once a republican.  He switched because he could see the depravity of the GOP, but people like Ralph Arellanes Sr., a former Obama appointee and young Party member Israel Chavez seems to think that one should vote against him anyway.  This is the Democratic Party at its worse.  There is a gutter level attack going on against Veneklassen that is modeled on trump attacks on his opponents.  It is shameful and sophomoric.  Arellanes and Chavez shame the party for this stance by narrowing the opening to the tent, much like trump does.

Veneklassen is eminently qualified for this position and I am supporting him with money and other help and advice.  If you care about conservation, wildlife, climate change and other pressing issues that face us then Veneklassen is the guy to vote for.  Many good Philanthropic organizations have given to his non-profit because of his inspired leadership.

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