Thursday, January 11, 2018

Cuba Si!

We had a great stop in Havana for a couple of days.  One can really see the effects of the Embargo and the fall of the Soviet Union here.  The Cuban people are resilient and hope for a better future and of course, they are disappointed in trump going retro from Obama's opening of better relations with the country.  The country needs a major infusion of capital and a lessening of government authoritarianism.  But, the people we met seem to be patient even if they cant see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We had a great time touring around in an old Buick with a Mercedez engine and homemade radiator.

Sailing away from a very polluted bay.  The water had a lot of sewage and fuel oil in it and the air was bad until there was a nice shower.


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After the world's most powerful country has tried to destroy you for the last 60 years by all kinds of subterfuge plus by enforcing a worldwide economic embargo against you, the fact that you're still standing is a miracle.

Everyone who has ever tried what Cuba is trying gets the same thing. Capitalism can't permit the example of a successful economy where people share in the country's wealth and that provides the people with adequate levels of health care, education, living, diet, etc, so if you try the US led global Capitalist consensus instantly comes after you with guns, bombs, embargoes, blockades, sanctions, assassinations and coups and the siege never lets up unless you bow down and adopt the kinds of policies you're told you must adopt.

That's the context for the pollution in Havana Harbor and the third world ways and everything else that happens in Cuba.