Tuesday, January 10, 2006

bush Attack and a Note About My Cat

Here is what bush said today in front of a friendly crowd about Democrats who disagree with his policies on Iraq. He said that the debate should be handled in a way, "that brings credit to our democracy, not comfort to our adversaries." I wonder what this really means. I think it means if you debate the issue at all and don't agree with bush then you are bringing comfort to the enemy.

How much longer can this go on? Dozens have died in the last three or four days in Iraq including a family of twelve who were killed in an American "smart" bomb attack. This war is approaching the three year mark after bush said combat had ended.

I think our only hope to end this madness is to give bush a democratic congress in November.


I got an email from Joe Monahan, the political blogger, who said he got a copy of a letter from my cat to me. The letter said,

Dear Jim,

If you do not consider my company on an equal level with other members of the family, please feel free to let me go any time. I am sure there is another home that would be glad to have me.

Jerry-your loyal Cat.

Well, it looks like the political season has started. When rumors about your cat start making it to the political bloggers then you know the knives are really coming out. Just so you will know that my cat is treated equally with the humans and beagles in our house I offer this miscellaneous tidbit. Jerry gets canned food once a day. So there. He also drinks out of my cupped hands when I am in the shower. (Try not to think of that image.) I just want to say that the pets in our house should be off limits to the over reaching political hacks that are employed by my opponents.

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