Friday, August 18, 2006

Buzz Off

Mayor Martin Chavez and I aren't the best of friends although we are cordial when we meet. I have always really respected his political sense. However, his blast against Lt. Governor Diane Denish is unusually far off the mark. Last time I checked, our Lt. Governor was a citizen of the City of Albuquerque and Marty's comment that she "should keep her nose out of our business" is over the top. Lt. Governor Denish knows the issues around the so called 'Kendra's Law' and she certainly has a right both as a city resident and statewide elected official to make her views known and lobby the city council for cautious consideration. I don't think Marty's butting into the operation of the Albuquerque Public School System was ever given this kind of treatment by the School Board. At least not in public. I suspect that Marty will eventually apologize for this because he is a good pol. Or maybe he will just worry over facing Denish in a Governor's election more than four years away.

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