Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Silence of the Goatheads

The Silence of the Goatheads will soon be drowned out by the yelps of puppies and flatulence of bicycle tires. The little yellow flowers will all become self contained implements of torture. It is just a matter of time. The rains are to blame and the lack of enough weed and litter crews. I figure by October 1st the bikepaths along the Rio Grande will be impenetrable by paw or innertube. Period.

I even called the city to see if some attention could be paid to this horrible weed before the carnage begins. Spray them, burn them, dig them up, do something. Or, I could open a tire repair shop at Campbell Road and the bike trail. We could also hire high school student to pick the pesky stickers out of the hundreds of canines who will be limping along in agony. says weevils will kill the plants. And it asks the question "Stepped on a Goathead Lately?" This website tells you pretty much everything you would want to know about 'puncturevine'. If puncturevines had the same effect as marijuana you could be pretty sure you wouldn't see it on the right of way.

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