Friday, April 20, 2007

$400 and Other Stuff

Jeeesh! Talk about a way to separate yourself from the voters! A $400 haircut is a perfect way to do it. John Edwards is a good guy with the right instincts, but he is running for President and you really shouldn't charge $400 haircuts to the campaign when you have a lot of small donors sending money. This small little thing will really hurt Edwards I think.

The more I think about these kinds of things happening the more I think Bill Richardson might win this Primary election. Pretty soon, it will only be Richardson, Obama and Clinton in this race. Clinton and Obama will chew each other up and one will fall by the wayside. Then it is just Bill Richardson and the survivor. Of course, the Governor has to be careful too, and not make any small but deadly media fed mistakes.

Rick Homans has dropped out of the Congressional race against Heather Wilson. It is beginning to look like an easy race for Martin Heinrich. I plan on being one of his first donors.

Here is a blog from Heath Haussamen in Las Cruces that shows how corrupt the development process down there might be and Land Commissioner Pat Lyons role in it. It seems everything down there with the city, land commissioner, and developers is meant to stifle public input. It really isn't a good situation and this story will continue to grow. Someone at the AG's office or the Legislative Finance committee needs to look at the loss of potential income to the School Permanent Fund because of these 'sweet heart deals' that the Land Office is handing out to developers.

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Anonymous said...

Jim, we desperately need outside help to try and curb the excesses committed by our local city and county governments. They OKd a spaceport that the State Land Office worked a sweetheart deal with ranchers for; they are adding hundreds of acres for development without sound impact studies, in fact one was actually denied by the County Engineering Department.

You have a good reputation; we need good legal and accounting assistance for what may be criminal actions.