Saturday, April 28, 2007

GOP Lament

Should I, a strong Democrat stay silent about problems in New Mexico Republican circles. Hell no!

The stuff circulating on the Republican blogs and now in the newspapers about the fight to run the Republican party is amazing. It is nasty and childish. I love it.

Instead of wasting time on this the Republicans should look over the state of affairs in their elected hierarchy. There are four high elected officials for the GOP in the state. Three of them are in some sort of ethical trouble. We know that Senator Domenici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson stand to lose much for their hatchet job on the US Attorney David Iglesias. (He was on Bill Maher's show last night and really dumped on Pete and Heather.) State Land Commissioner Pay Lyons is involved in a money laundering scheme that hid monies given to his campaign through a Political Action Committee. That money came from a developer in Las Cruces who got a sweetheart deal from Lyons. There is probably more to come on this issue.

The only GOP elected guy who isn't in trouble officially is Congressman Steve Pearce from down south. But he is still convinced that bush is a great guy and that we are winning the war in Iraq. Maybe he fits into the category that Bill Maher pointed to last night on his show. He said that 29% of the American People still think that bush is doing a great job. At the same time 25% of the American people think the second coming of Christ will occur this year. Maher thinks maybe these are the same people. So do I.


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Ned said...

Uh, was that one posted by Gary Johnson?

billy said...

did you say "Pay Lyons"?