Friday, November 07, 2008

Coffee with the Man

Congressman elect Martin Heinrich had coffee with us this morning at the Sunshine Cafe at 12th & Mountain Road. My wife Bobbi was there after fighting a migrane all night. She didn't want to miss the opportunity for a chat with Martin. My brother Tom was there as was Ned Farquhar. We were all early supporters of Martin and he called yesterday to get us together. Everyone who came into the cafe came over to congratulate him.

Sean Gilligan the cafe owner and smart growth developer was there.

So was Rachel Maurer and Bruce Davis.

We mostly talked about what committess Martin might end up on and Bobbi gave him advice on some nice apartments to rent. She saw a lot of them when she did her tour of duty back there. There are other freshman Congressman who will need room mates in Washington's expensive real estate market. Martin's wife Julie and their two sons will stay in Albuquerque while he is in DC three to four days a week.

Martin raised over $2,000,000 for his race. Now he will need to start again as his next race will need to be well funded too. What a system!

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