Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Morning Utterances

My sister Carlota is in Bangkok, Thailand for a few days on her way to a trek in Bhutan. She emails this morning that the people on the streets in Bangkok were cheering to all Americans they saw..."Obama-Obama", and holding their thumbs up.

Bobbi got up this morning and as she rolled out of bed she said it felt 'unreal.' But in a good way.

I think I will wear my Obama buttons and T-shirts on our trip to New Zealand and Australia in a couple of weeks.

Today I will just spend most of the day feeling good for America, and surfing the internet.

Two good Albuquerque friends I know have already been appointed to the transition team for the Interior Department.

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Bosque Bill said...

Good for America!
Good for New Mexico!

I was phoning my friends last night, after they called California, wishing them a "Happy New Year!" We were all breathing again and pinching ourselves.

I am proud of my fellow citizens this morning both in New Mexico and around the country.

There is a lot of hard work to do, but I believe the feeling of hope that President-Elect Obama has instilled in us all will carry us through.

I am also very hopeful that we can reverse at least the worst of the attacks on our environment that the bush bullies have pushed through the last 8 horrible years.

And thank you, Jim, for your public service over the years and keeping many of us in the loop with your blog.

You called the election. I hope you will share your ideas or any info you pick up on the cabinet selection process.