Sunday, November 30, 2008


Milford Sound was beautiful. The water was very calm inside there. But it was only a respite. It is Monday down under. We just endured two full days for Violent Seas as we crossed the Tasman. This morning the weather is much calmer and we have just 30mph winds. The sun is out and the whitecaps are pretty. The ship put up with the 30 foot waves really well although we could not walk around much. We spent most of yesterday reading and watching old movies.
We did not get seasick. Bobbi had a 10 hour migrane on Saturday but she is now back to normal.
We will finish crossing the Tasman Sea today and tonight and will dock in Burnie Tasmania in the morning. We are going on a nine hour trek to some glaciers tomorrow. It will be good to get off the ship for a while. Then we sail overnight to Melbourne for a look at kangaroos in the bush. Then another day sailing before reaching Sydney. I will post a few photos from there on Friday. Thursday Albuquerque time.

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Karen Fayeth said...

Hey Jim, I know you are still traveling abroad, but wondered about your thoughts on Louis Caldera being appointed Director of the White House Military Office?

I am unfamiliar with Caldera and wondered about your take?