Friday, November 07, 2008


The politics of the weird continues. Judge Linda Vanzi threw out the lawsuit of loser legislators who sued nonprofit groups alleging they conspired to defeat them. The losers were Senator James Taylor, Senator Shannon Robinson and Representative Dan Silva. The suit, filed by Robinson, was pretty much demolished by the Judge. I wasn't surprised. Think about it, suing someone because you lost your election fair and square....Mondo Bizzaro!

The other politics of the weird item is out of Otero County. After that Republican Women's group leader called Barack Obama a 'Muslim socialist' and then said all Muslims were enemies of the United States, her resignation was demanded by lots of folks. Her board resigned when she refused to do so. Now the Republican faithful wingnuts in Otero have reelected her to her position. I love it. Talk about dysfunctional. Rebuilding for the NM GOP may take a lot longer than they think.

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