Friday, October 30, 2009

The New City Council

The new Albuquerque City Council will be a interesting group to work with and I don't envy Mayor elect Berry's upcoming battles. One of the new guys, Councillor Michael Cook, is demanding to know how much money CAO designee David Campbell was paid by me when I asked him to file a suit to keep concealed weapons legislation passed by the state from taking effect in Albuquerque. As Mayor I saw no value in having a guy pack a concealed Glock 9mm while sitting next to your kid in the movie theater. The city council at the time led by republicans Mike McEntee, Brad Winter, and Greg Payne and some democrats blocked the City Attorney from taking the case to the Supreme Court based on Albuquerque's Home Rule status.

That is when I asked David Campbell to do it. He did so and he did it for no compensation. He thought it was worth doing for the safety of Albuquerque's children. We lost the case on the grounds that the Supreme Court, an elected body, was afraid of the NRA. Yuk!

So, Councillor Cook, I can tell you that your question has been answered. I also will be following your tenure with great interest. Anyone who obviously will kowtow to the gun lobby will bear observation. P.S. I am not against having firearms (I own many) but I am against concealed weapons being carried by neurotic people. I would like to see those weapons so I can steer clear.

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